one bottle holder

A stylish bottle holder is not difficult to make with your own hands. You will need even wooden slats, varnish or wood paint, screws, and long nails — they will act as holders. A power tool will also come in handy to make it easier to connect the rails to each other. If desired, add signs where you can write the type of wine. The result looks very stylish.

bottle holder photo

Photo: shanty-2-chic.com

Love to do something with your own hands, but do not work with wood? Watch our video with very easy ways to transform cheap IKEA stools:

Let’s get back to racks and shelves.

2 Drawer shelves

There is nothing complicated here either. The main thing is to find the right size shelves with beautiful handles, and the result will be more impressive. Remove the metal closers from the drawers and attach them vertically to the wall.

Shelves from boxes photo

Photo: thissortaoldlife.com

3 small hanging shelf for bedroom

Look at this cute shelf. To repeat this idea, you will need a small wooden base — not necessarily round, but it makes the structure look lighter, and strong rope bundles. Make holes for the ropes and also attach the hook to the ceiling. Thread the ropes through the base and hang the shelf on the hook.

Small hanging shelf photo

Photo: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

four Shelves in the shape of a hexagon

The hexagon or hexagon is a very fashionable geometric shape. Why not make a shelf in this design? If you know how to work with wood, then there will be no problems. Connect 6 bars of the same size to make a hexagon shape. To do this, you need to cut the sides of the bars.

After — varnish the tree or paint it in the color you like and connect several resulting hexagons.

5 Shelves from construction pallets

Now only the lazy do not use building pallets in the interior — well, or those who do not like DIY ideas and similar accessories. Although they certainly look stylish. For example, from one pallet you can make such a series of shelves.

Shelves from construction pallets photo

Photo: hiconsumption.com

6 And from wooden boxes

We recently devoted an entire article to what can be made from wooden boxes, and one of the options, of course, is shelves. It is very simple — just treat the surface of the box with paint or varnish and attach them to the wall.

Wooden boxes photo

Photo: acutedesigns.blogspot.com

7 Round hanging shelf

To make such a shelf, you will need flexible material or a ready-made circle. Attach the crossbars to it inside, make hooks for the rope at the top. Ready! Small figurines or children’s toys look good on such a shelf.

Round shelf photo

Photo: newblooming.com

eight Shelves on hanging holders

We found 2 interesting options that are easy to implement — wooden shelves that are attached to leather straps and a shelf that is hung on a rope. Both options look stylish and fit modern interiors.

9 And on rails

Here, too, there is room for creativity, namely, what paint to choose for the holders. For example, in this case, the metal rails were painted in brutal black. For simplicity and better hiding power, we chose spray paint for metal.

Reiki on black photo holders

Photo: thediyplaybook.com

And here the holders were painted in a trendy rose gold color. It matches perfectly with the white shelves.

Shelf on slats rose gold photo

Photo: ajoyfulriot.com

ten Rack

This designer shelving looks like it’s made out of stepladders. But in fact, it is made of almost 40 different-sized rails and beams fastened to each other. First you need to fold the stairs, and then put wooden shelves on the rails. The shelving unit can be used for books, accessories or bedroom storage.

photo rack

Photo: vintagerevivals.com