Excessive dust greatly spoils the impression of the house and interferes with comfort. Being in a dusty space is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous to health, because harmful microorganisms actively multiply in dust particles. Among them are dust mites, which can become an allergen and a source of asthma. There are many ways to reduce the amount of dust, and cleaning is not the most important thing here.

Listed all the ways in a short video

one Change bedding material

Natural bed linen is great, it breathes and lets moisture through. But some fabrics give a lot of «precipitation» in the form of dust. Such fabrics include, for example, cotton. If you suffer from dust, try changing to satin underwear. It costs more, but produces less dust and is also natural.


2 Loose drawers of textiles under your bed or sofa

Storage under the bed or sofa is very convenient, and you should not refuse it. But the drawers need to be kept in order. Vacuuming, dusting and “ventilating” stale laundry is the minimum that needs to be done constantly. It is also important to get rid of excess textiles, throw away or give away. The more space in the drawers, the easier it is to maintain order there, and the less dust there will be in the house.

3 Use the dryer

The dryer is a real lifesaver in the fight against dust. During drying, it collects all fluff dust in a special filter. Things come out dry, soft and fragrant, and the closet is freed from dust. As a bonus, the dryer saves valuable space in the apartment, because you no longer need to install a conventional folding dryer.


four Adjust airing time

It is very useful to ventilate the rooms (except when there is a busy highway outside the window), but it is important to do it in a dosed manner. Constantly open windows are a source of dust and dirt flying from the street.

5 Get your mattress cleaned

A huge amount of dust and microorganisms accumulate in the mattress, and due to the fact that this item is not cleaned often, the bacteria feel just fine in it. Get into the habit of cleaning and vacuuming your mattress regularly, and calling professional cleaners every three to five months.


6 Vacuum curtains and furniture

Vacuum not only the floor, but also textiles. There is also a lot of dust on the curtains and in the sofa, try to get rid of it as well. You can buy a compact handheld vacuum cleaner for this, it is more convenient to clean curtains and furniture upholstery with it.

7 Wipe your street shoes

From the street, dust is most often brought on shoes. She settles in the hallway on the rug and then spreads throughout the house. Get in the habit of wiping your boots with a damp cloth every time you come in from the street.


eight Clean your door mat more often

After all, it accumulates a huge amount of dirt and dust from the street. The door mat needs to be changed and cleaned regularly, not just vacuumed. If you do not clean up on time, pollution will spread throughout the house.

9 Store out-of-season clothing in a vacuum bag

A lot of dust collects on clothes in the closet. This can be corrected by organizing storage by season. Place non-seasonal things in a vacuum bag, there will be no dust there, and such storage will not take up much space. Thus, you will clean the closet of dust and unnecessary things that will not be worn for the next few months.


ten Monitor the condition of your pet’s coat

Brush and wash your pets more often, especially if they have thick hair. After all, wool is also a great source of dust in the house.