one Resting-place

The simplest idea for using a window sill is to make an impromptu seating area there. Reading, drinking coffee or spending a romantic evening with a glass of wine — this solution is suitable for any occasion.

2 Storage space

With a wide window sill, you can organize additional storage space — under it. There are several options: put built-in shelves (open or closed) or buy boxes and baskets that suit your style. If there is a battery under the window, the idea will most likely have to be abandoned. Battery transfer is a process that requires approval from the utilities.

3 Window sill-tabletop

If you have a window in the kitchen, it is quite possible to make a countertop window sill. That is, remove the window sill in principle and place the kitchen countertop on the wall near the window.

Window sill-tabletop photo

Photo: Instagram to_be_pure

four Place for breakfast

Breakfast by the window can become your daily ritual — just clear the window sill of unnecessary things. The cup and plate will fit even on a standard size windowsill.

Place for breakfast photo

Photo: Instagram becoffeestyle

5 Instead of a bedside table

Put the bed back to the window. If you have a low back or none at all, the window sill will cope with the role of a bedside table. Put a book that you read before bed, set an alarm clock or a glass of water — whatever. And you can save on extra furniture.

Instead of a bedside table photo

Photo: Instagram _designtales_

6 Instead of a dressing table

Some makeup artists believe that the best light for makeup is natural. Let’s catch him by the window — equip a makeup dressing table there.

Instead of a dressing table photo

Photo: Instagram abbylaurenmakeup

7. Instead of a shelf in the bathroom

If you happen to live in a house or apartment with a window in the bathroom, make the most of the available space. Up to the windowsill — do not be afraid to replace the shelves in the bathroom with it. In addition to shower accessories, you can put candles and unobtrusive decor there.

Instead of a shelf in the bathroom photo

Photo: Instagram pass_the_paintbrush

eight home greenhouse

We saw this way of a practical window sill with our grandmothers. The reason is simple — most green plants love natural light. If you want to green up a room, a window sill is a great place to do so.

Home greenhouse photo

Photo: Instagram thelittlebotanist

9 Home garden with greenery

For the same purpose, you can use the windowsill in the kitchen. Onions, cilantro, parsley, basil are fragrant herbs that are easy to grow at home, and most often a window sill in the kitchen is ideal for this purpose. Start implementing this eco-idea.

Home garden with greenery

Photo: Instagram salad_basket

ten Workplace or creative corner

On a wide windowsill, it is easy to organize a workplace by placing a chair. If there is an outlet nearby, then you can work with a desktop computer, not just a laptop.

Work area on the windowsill

Photo: Instagram sad.fat.cat

A creative corner by the windowsill is the perfect solution. Often, for painting pictures or, for example, sewing, you need a lot of light. And sometimes the view from the window is also an additional source of inspiration.

Creative corner on the windowsill

Photo: Instagram tiffwang_

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