No time to read? The video listed all the fruits and vegetables that can be stored for a long time

one Carrot

Storing carrots is a rather complicated process, but under ideal conditions, they can lie for up to a year without damage. What is needed to save the root crop? For example, dip it in a clay solution. The consistency of the solution should be the density of sour cream. Each carrot is dipped into the mixture and dried. After that, they put it in a storage container and put it on the balcony.

Another way is to sprinkle carrots with coniferous sawdust. A layer of sawdust and a layer of carrots should alternate. From above, everything is also covered with sawdust. After that, the box is closed with a lid and placed also on a cold balcony or in a pantry. The optimum storage temperature is from 0 to +2°C.

2 Cabbage

White cabbage can lie in an apartment for up to three months if stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to +1 ° C. The vegetable is wrapped in a film and a bag, after which it is placed on a shelf. If the upper leaves begin to deteriorate or wilted, they can be removed, then re-wrap the head and store further.

3 Garlic

Garlic is winter or spring, depending on the time of planting. This is important for understanding storage conditions: winter garlic is harvested in July, and it is stored for a maximum of six months, so before the new year it can already dry out or germinate. There are several options for its storage: it can be placed in a dark, cool place at a temperature of 15-21 ° C, but it will not lie that way for a long time, in a refrigerator at a temperature of + 1-5 ° C or in a jar, filling the peeled cloves with oil. Spring garlic, harvested in August, will lie for up to 12 months. It is easy to store — just choose a place in a dark cabinet away from heating devices (recommended temperature is 15-21 ° C). Sometimes garlic is tied with a pigtail and stored hanging (here it is also important that the place is dark and cool).

four Potatoes

You need to store potatoes in a dark, cool place, ideally in a cellar, but so that it does not freeze. If the potato freezes, it will turn pink and sweet, in the sun it will turn green, and next to the onion or in a very humid place it will quickly rot. Potatoes need humidity up to 90% and a temperature not higher than 5 degrees, otherwise the tubers will sprout. You can put a box with it on the balcony if it is not heated. There you can store the crop until the frost, but first you need to cover the tubers with something warm to stabilize the temperature.

5 Onion

Onions do not tolerate excessive cold or moisture, so the cellar is not suitable for storage. Yellow onions are best stored — up to six months, and red onions begin to deteriorate a little earlier. No special conditions are required to be observed, the bow can simply be poured onto a newspaper and placed under any furniture where it passes. Or fill the box with bulbs so that they are ventilated from all sides and do not rot. The required temperature is from +18 to +22°C.

6 Beet

It is very important to store beets without tops so that the root crop does not wither ahead of time. Another very important condition for storing the root crop is coolness. Beets do not tolerate high temperatures, so it is best to store them in the cellar or in the refrigerator. When stored in a refrigerator, beets should be placed in a bag and placed on a vegetable shelf at a temperature of +4°C.

7-8. Pumpkin and squash

The storage conditions for these fruits are identical. They, like onions, can be safely loaded into a dark closet. The pumpkin is stored with the stalks up. Place the fruits at a small distance from each other to ensure better air circulation. In this form, pumpkin and zucchini can lie for six months or more. The best storage temperature is + 5-15 ° С

9 Tomatoes

If you want to keep the harvest longer, remove the green tomatoes from the branch. In this form, they will gradually ripen at your place and can be stored for up to three months. Tomatoes are placed in boxes or baskets and placed in a dark place, it is better that it be cool, up to + 15 ° C. You can pre-wrap each of the fruits with paper, but this is not necessary. Don’t put too many tomatoes in one box so they don’t get crushed.

ten Apples

Apples feel great on the top shelf in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 3-5 ° C, as well as at room temperature. But if the air in the apartment is too dry, the fruits may begin to dry out ahead of time.

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