one hang a towel

Hangers with a crossbar can be used to store towels. Moreover, in this way they are easy to place both in the closet and in full view of everyone in the bathroom. The method is suitable if you did not provide additional crossbars in the bathroom and made only hooks. Or it will come in handy when a lot of guests come to you, and there is no place for towels for everyone. In this case, the hangers can be marked by signing the names on the stickers.

2 Store glasses, scarves and jewelry

There is often no space to store accessories. Plus, organizers for small items in stores are expensive. They can be placed on hangers. For example, scarves are easy to tie, as shown in the second photo. For glasses, you will need hangers with thin crossbars — on such they will hold on better. And to place decorations, you will have to additionally attach hooks, you can easily find them in needlework and creativity stores.

3 Drying homemade pasta

If you regularly make pasta at home, then hangers can be adapted to dry it. This is convenient, since it is easy to hang pasta right in the kitchen, simply by hooking the hanger on the railing or headset handles. Usually the paste is dried during the day, so it is better to cover it with something from the top from dust.

four Make a book holder

Another kitchen hack is to use a hanger with clothespins to easily store recipes. While cooking, they will be in front of your eyes, you do not have to touch them with dirty hands. Plus, the pages in the book are securely fixed, so they will not turn over at an unnecessary moment.

5 Use as a paper holder

This method is useful for people who often work at home with documents. Reprinting text from paper to electronic is inconvenient if you have to lower your head and take your eyes off the screen all the time. At such moments, it is easy to lose the right line and go astray. To keep documents close to the screen, place them using a clothespin hanger. Be careful not to scratch the laptop: if the clothespin is hard, then it is better to put some soft material between it and the screen.

6 Create organizer

This organizer for small items was made using a regular hanger and two types of fabric. Similar ones can be found in stores, but this one looks much more interesting because of the original marine print.

7 Make a tech stand

A lot of different things can be made from a thin metal hanger. It is easy to find video tutorials on how to create a book stand on the Internet. However, these ideas are not limited, it all depends on your imagination. For example, you can make a holder for a smartphone or camera, as in the photo in the gallery. Or hang a tablet on a hanger in the kitchen — very convenient if you don’t have a TV there. Thin shoulders bend very easily. The easiest way to do this is with pliers.

eight Fasten curtains

This method is useful for emergencies. For example, when you arrived at the hotel, and the curtains do not close completely, letting in bright rays of light. In this case, take clothespins with clothespins — these can almost always be found in a hotel room closet.

9 Equip a trellis for plants

If you have climbing plants, but you do not want to buy an expensive trellis, you can make it from metal hangers. For one square element, 4 pieces are needed. Plus, you’ll need pliers. Between themselves, the squares can be fastened with metal wire or plastic ties. When the plants wrap around the hangers, the hangers behind them will not be visible.

ten Store books, newspapers and magazines

The original option to place the latest press or the book you are currently reading in the interior is to hang it on a hanger. And it, in turn, can be fixed on any hook or handle in the room.