one cacti

The most obvious contender for decorating a small space is a cactus. It is convenient to put it even on the most hard-to-reach shelves. You can simply place the cactus there and forget about it for a while. If the plant really likes the conditions, it may even bloom. Caring for cacti is very simple, the main thing is not to fill them with water.


2 succulents

A florarium with succulents and suitable decor looks beautiful on small shelves. These plants are as easy to care for as cacti. Succulents don’t need a lot of water, so it’s important not to overwater your succulent garden.


3 Scindapsus

Flowing shoots of scindapsus can beautifully descend from one shelf to another. And if you don’t like it, the plant should be cut and given the desired shape. This liana comes from the tropics, which means it loves warm and humid air.


four Ivy

Another climbing plant with beautiful carved leaves. Ivy grows quite quickly, but if you cut it in time, it will not cause you any discomfort and will look good on any empty shelf. The plant does not like extreme heat, and prefers the cold in winter. If you decide to put it near the battery, water and spray more often.


5 violets

Violets will not grow, they do not need to be cut or wound on a support. They are small, cute and easy to care for plants. In favorable conditions, they bloom beautifully. And if something went wrong, you will be pleased with a neat green bush with terry leaves. Water the violet should be in the pan, and not on top of the pot. It is impossible to fill it, but it is important to ensure that there is always moisture in the pan.


6 Chlorophytum

It is a small herbaceous plant with narrow downward-growing leaves and small tendrils. Their chlorophytum throws out to give new outlets and multiply. Caring for him is simple: water him regularly and get rid of unnecessary or diseased shoots.


7 Aloe

If you do not allow aloe to grow, you can decorate an open rack or wall shelves with it. It is practically not necessary to take care of it, it only requires regular watering and shaping the appearance, as well as, if necessary, transplanting into a larger pot. Otherwise, aloe grows on its own and is great even for novice gardeners.


eight Venus flytrap

An option for those who love unusual plants. Venus flytrap is best placed at eye level so that it is easy to feed the flower with flies or meat. Protein feeding is necessary for the plant, otherwise it will die.


9 Sansevieria

Another version of an indestructible plant that can be a great start for those who dream of a home garden. Sansevieria is resistant to drafts, temperature extremes, sun and lack of watering. However, periodically the plant needs to be watered and do not forget to shape the appearance so that it does not grow and decorate your shelves for a long time.


ten Kalanchoe

Surprisingly, this flower is a close relative of cacti and succulents. Kalanchoe purifies the air, so you can put it on a shelf near you if there is a lot of dust in the room or you are often sick. Caring for the plant is easy: it is important to water it on time and feed it if necessary.


eleven Fittonia

This plant has bright striped leaves, which, depending on the variety, may vary in color. The classic is considered a white-green shade. Fittonia loves high humidity. In order for the plant to feel comfortable, it must be sprayed often and watered regularly.