one Lampshades

Fabric or plastic lampshades can be cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to use a special nozzle, but you can simply remove the brush to get it with a hose into the hard-to-reach corners of the lampshade if it is of a complex shape. It may not be worth doing this every week, but once a month or a couple of weeks — for sure. A lot of dust accumulates on the lampshades, which, if not removed, will spread throughout the house.

2 Skirting boards

The easiest way to clean the baseboard is to remove the brush from the vacuum cleaner and walk along the surface of the baseboard with a hose, sucking up the dust. Of course, this will not remove dirt in the form of marks or black stains, but it will help to make the space much cleaner.


3 Batteries

A lot of dust accumulates on radiators. And for some reason, we often forget to clean it. Sectional and tubular radiators are quite easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner — remove the brush head and walk to narrow places with a hose, sucking out dust.


four Under a long curtain

If the windows are covered with long curtains that fall to the floor, they often absorb a lot of dust. Vacuuming the floor under them is often forgotten during routine cleaning, but if you decide to do a general cleaning, do not forget to look into this place.


5 Space behind the toilet

If the toilet is floor-standing, there is a section of the floor under it that is rarely reached by hands. This is considered a hard-to-reach place for cleaning. If the vacuum cleaner brush does not fit there, remove and go through the hose. There will certainly be something to remove.


6 And a washing machine

By analogy with the space behind the toilet, a freestanding washing machine is not adjacent to the wall. And this means that there will be dust behind it. You can remove it if the hose of the vacuum cleaner crawls into the gap that remains between the machine and the wall. But you should be careful not to damage communications.


7 Next to kitchen plinths

If you vacuum the floor in the kitchen, then probably the brush of the vacuum cleaner will not reach all the hard-to-reach places. Namely, this is often the floor next to the kitchen base. You can often clean it only by removing the brush head and attaching a narrow one (or leaving just a hose).


eight Gaps between kitchen furniture and refrigerator (or wall)

If the refrigerator is freestanding, then there is always a gap between it and the kitchen cabinet. Sometimes it is large enough for a hose with a vacuum cleaner to pass into it. It is the same with the gap between the kitchen furniture and the wall — if the set is of standard sizes, the space often remains.


9 Behind open interior doors

Sometimes the doors to the rooms are kept constantly open — for example, when a person lives alone or there is a pet in the house that reacts badly to the closed doors to the rooms. During cleaning, it is worth vacuuming the floor areas behind them, quite a lot of dust often accumulates there.


ten pet bed

During cleaning, do not ignore the pet bed. And if you constantly wash it in a typewriter, perhaps it’s not worth it, then you can remove wool and small debris with a vacuum cleaner.


eleven Drawers under the bed

A lot of dust accumulates inside the drawers under the bed, which periodically needs to be removed from there. This is especially true if the box is retractable, and not built into the bed with a lifting mechanism.