Even the smallest green corner will decorate the apartment. But not everyone decides to equip it, because they are sure that caring for green pets is difficult and troublesome. However, there are flowers that are undemanding to the conditions, which feel great with minimal care. Especially for beginner flower growers, we have made a selection of the most unpretentious indoor plants that even a child can grow.

All about undemanding home flowers

Features of undemanding crops
Top 12 best species
– Begonia
— Dracaena
— Zamioculcas
– Geranium
– Abutilon
— Kalanchoe
— Hoya
— Spathiphyllum
– Sansevieria
– Chlorophytum
— Scheffler
— Cactus

Features of unpretentious care of indoor plants

The selection of «tenants» for a room flower garden must be carried out carefully. Capricious specimens with different requirements for conditions of detention are unlikely to get along in it. Therefore, it is best for beginner flower growers to choose undemanding varieties with an attractive appearance. It’s pretty easy to tell them apart. We list the main features.

  • The absence of dressings or their irregularity does not significantly affect the decorative effect, development and growth of the flower.
  • Low demands on the basic conditions of detention: temperature, humidity, the presence of drafts.
  • The ability to relatively easily tolerate rare watering.
  • For flowering varieties, the possibility of flowering in any conditions.

These requirements are met by many different types. Among them there are flowering, decorative, curly, shade-tolerant, photophilous. You can easily choose a culture for your home.


Top 12 Easy Care Home Flowers

We offer a selection of unpretentious indoor plants with a photo, name and description. It must be understood that even they need regular care. Otherwise, they will lose their decorative appearance, start to hurt and die. It is important to choose the right place, shaded or lit, it depends on the variety, provide the flower with moisture and feed it from time to time. Then the flower garden on the windowsill will delight you with lush greenery and beautiful flowering for a long time.

1. Begonia

In nature, there are more than 900 varieties of begonias. Many of them flower growers grow in home flower beds. Most often, begonia Elatior, ampelous, ever-flowering, royal, tuberous, is bred in apartments. All of them prefer bright, but at the same time diffused lighting, require regular spraying and watering. The flower will be happy with regular feeding, it is optimal to use special complexes for flowering. At the end of autumn, begonias begin a dormant period that lasts from five to ten weeks. At this time, top dressing is stopped, and watering is reduced.


2. Dracaena

A beautiful unpretentious indoor plant that looks like a palm tree. Under natural conditions, this is a large tree, and at home with good care, it can reach considerable sizes. There are many varieties of dracaena, all of which require abundant watering and high humidity, so spraying is a must. Decorative «palm tree» is photophilous, however, the darker the color of its leaves, the more tolerant it is to shading. From the beginning of spring to the end of summer, during the period of active growth, top dressing is required. It is best to use specialized complexes for dracaena for her.


3. Zamioculcas

The second name is the dollar tree. The plant looks like a bush with very beautiful carved feather leaves. He likes bright lighting, but with obligatory shading, otherwise sunburn is possible. Zamioculcas easily tolerates irregular watering. In winter, during the dormant period, it is watered no more than twice a month. Does not require high humidity and spraying. Top dressing is needed only in the spring-summer period with fertilizer for succulents. It blooms very rarely, never forms fruits and seeds.


4. Geranium

One of the very unpretentious flowering houseplants. There are many varieties of geraniums: with single flowers and with lush inflorescences. Everyone needs good lighting, fresh and dry air. Therefore, the flower is not sprayed, and the room where it is located is regularly ventilated. Geranium quickly grows green mass, so it needs shaping pruning. Responds well to loosening and top dressing.


5. Abutilon

It is also called indoor maple, because the leaves are very similar to maple. Blooms beautifully and continuously from March to November. Flowers are red, orange, pink, yellow. Abutilon is photophilous, prefers good lighting, does not tolerate drafts. In the spring-summer period, the temperature that is comfortable for him is 18-24˚С. In winter, a period of rest begins for him, when it is more comfortable for him to be cool at 12-15 ° C. Indoor maple needs a lot of moisture, but its excess is detrimental to it. Therefore, it is best to water it in a pan, remove excess moisture some time after watering.


6. Kalanchoe

Another unpretentious home flower. A small bush can bloom at any time of the year, it does not have a dormant period. The flowers are small, collected in inflorescences. They are bright red, pink, yellowish, orange. Flowering is short, but quite frequent. Kalanchoe loves warmth, fresh air and bright but diffused lighting. It does not tolerate cold and excessive moisture: in such conditions, the roots quickly rot and the bush dies. Leaves and juice have a healing effect, they are used similarly to aloe: as an anti-inflammatory agent, for the treatment of purulent wounds, etc.


7. Hoya

She is a wax ivy. It is a climbing evergreen vine with heart-shaped leaves covered with a shiny, waxy coating. For home breeding, two varieties are most often used: beautiful and fleshy. Hoya blooms very beautifully: its inflorescences are collected in an umbrella, and small flowers of white or red color are shaped like an asterisk. Inside each of them there is another yellow or white flower. Liana is photophilous, tolerates direct sunlight and high temperatures well. Watering prefers plentiful, but not frequent. Short-term «droughts» will not harm her, but the decorative effect will suffer.


8. Spathiphyllum

One of the best hardy indoor plants for dark rooms. Easily tolerates lack of light and moisture. Moreover, the “dry period” can be quite long. Ideal for spathiphyllum will be high humidity and diffused sunlight. In such conditions, it blooms all year round. Its flowers look like white callas, look very good against the background of dark green shiny leaves. The plant does not like cold drafts, at temperatures below 10-12˚С it gets sick and dies.


9. Sansevieria

For the unusual shape of the leaves, she received many popular names: mother-in-law’s tongue, pike tail, etc. The shade-loving and very unpretentious bush grows quickly. Its aboveground part is much more massive than the underground, so a heavy pot is required. It is better to place sansevieria in shady places, this preserves the juiciness of color, in bright light the bush becomes pale. If you want it to bloom, you need to move it to a lighted place, but close it from direct sunlight. Sansevieria purifies the air of toxic substances, saturates it with oxygen. Likes a loose nutrient substrate and moderate watering.


10. Chlorophytum

Perhaps the most unpretentious indoor plant for an apartment, which also purifies the air in the house. Able to live without watering for several weeks, provided that it is in a cool room with a temperature in the range of 8 to 18 ° C. Prefers good lighting, but tolerates partial shade. Humidity can be any, but in the heat, chlorophytum should be pampered with a shower. Watering prefers moderate and regular.

There are several varieties of decorative culture. All of them form basal rosettes of long narrow leaves. Their coloring can be monophonic or with colored stripes. Periodically, the bush grows long stems with panicles-inflorescences at the end. After flowering, small “babies” are formed here — rosettes of leaves with aerial roots. They can be rooted and get a new plant.


11. Scheffler

Fast growing tall shrub with beautiful carved leaves. They can be plain or variegated with splashes of yellow or white. Schefflera prefers good light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. They provoke burns on the leaves. Indoor culture requires regular moderate watering. Waterlogging or dryness leads to leaf drop. Similarly, the bush reacts to excessive or insufficient air humidity. It needs to be sprayed from time to time. This is especially important in summer when the room is hot.


12. Cactus

This is a large group of representatives of the cactus family. All of them have common external features: reduced leaves-needles and a thickened stem. The latter can be oval, spherical, with branched shoots. All varieties of cacti are unpretentious indoor plants for the home. They easily tolerate a prolonged lack of watering, as they store moisture inside the stem, and use it if necessary. Still, in hot weather, it is advisable to water them 1-2 times a week. In winter, when the dormant period begins, watering is reduced to 1 time in 30 days. At this time, it is best to transfer the plant to a warmed loggia or to another cool room where the temperature does not drop below zero.

Cacti tolerate heat well and are not sensitive to sunlight, they do not have burns. Some varieties bloom briefly. For better development, cacti are periodically transplanted, during periods of active growth they are regularly fed with special mineral complexes.