one Tin organizer

Don’t be in a hurry to throw away used cans — if you wash and paint them, you’ll get a handy organizer for your home office. However, you can store anything in such a system: both sewing accessories and kitchen trifles.

Tin organizer

Photo: mountainmodernlife.com

2 Package containers

Attach a couple of plastic containers to the wall and you have a roomy storage system. With it, for example, you can solve the eternal problem of storing shopping bags and packages.

Package containers

3 Bathroom glass jars

Glass jars are great in the bathroom. They can be attached to a wooden board and hung on the wall — you get a hanging organizer. Or paint and use separately — a stylish set of accessories will come out.

four Framed Earring Organizer

Frame a piece of dense fabric (for example, burlap) and thread earrings there — you get a stylish decor for the bedroom.

Framed Earring Organizer

5 Organizer for toys from boxes

Old boxes can be fastened together, upholstered around the perimeter with boards and get an open storage system. It holds toys well.

Organizer for toys from boxes

Photo: ohohblog.com

6 Kitchen wire storage tray

Tangled wires are not only ugly, but also inconvenient. If you want to deal with this problem once and for all, place them in a drawer with a cutlery storage tray. The wires will not have a chance to intertwine into a ball!

Kitchen wire storage tray

Photo: Instagram oneorganizedmama

7 Storing ribbons on a hanger

If you are into handmade or floristry, you probably have a bunch of ribbons. It is convenient to store and carry them with the help of such a hanging system from a wire hanger.

Storing ribbons on a hanger

Photo: Sewchatty blog

eight Jar with cupcake molds

Confectionery fans will love this ingenious and easy storage idea. Paper muffin cups fit perfectly in a glass jar and at the same time become an interesting decoration for the kitchen.

Jar with cupcake molds

Photo: tablefortwoblog.com

9 Tray Jewelry Organizer

Another idea based on kitchen cutlery trays. In this case, they were put together, painted in bright colors, and hung on the wall to create a mini jewelry rack.

Tray Jewelry Organizer

Photo: tatertotsandjello.com

ten Fabric organizers for household supplies

Organizers for shoes and clothes can be usefully used in the pantry — see what order reigns in this one thanks to them.

Fabric organizers for household supplies

Photo: the36thavenue.com

eleven Ironing board storage system

Hang an old ironing board (without legs) to the wall, attach hooks to it — a convenient storage system for a creative workshop will come out.

Ironing board storage system

Photo: Instagram thecreativecochrane

12 spice shelf

In a small apartment, you need to use any surface for storage, including doors. It’s a good idea to place jars of spices there. The shelf can be made from … the shelf of an old refrigerator! How is shown below.

13 Freezer Plastic Containers

To avoid tangling frozen food bags, put them in labeled containers. The idea is suitable for spacious freezers.

Freezer Plastic Containers

Photo: timewiththea.com

fourteen Under bed storage box

A drawer from an old chest of drawers can be used to store blankets, small pillows and other bedding. Hide it under the bed, and to make it easier to pull out, equip it with wheels.

Under bed storage box

Photo: Tinkerwiththis blog

fifteen Organizer from a stick for beads and a necklace

A storage system for jewelry bordering on an art object. It is done quite simply: a rope is tied to a beautiful stick so that the structure can be hung, and jewelry is placed on the very base. There is only one caveat — the beads must be in clasps, otherwise it will not work to hang them.

Organizer from a stick for beads and a necklace

Photo: Instagram vwbuggythrifter