Most of the things that spoil the mood of the house do not apply to global issues like colors or furniture placement. Most often, the feeling of the interior is killed by the accumulated little things that are easy to fix, but the hands do not reach. Perhaps motivation will appear when you read our article.

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one Shoes on the floor in the hallway

One such annoying little thing is the shoes on the floor in the hallway. She often stands on ugly newspapers or rags, leaves stains on the floor and, in principle, spoils even a beautifully designed corridor.

What can be done

  • Buy a shoe. You can find inexpensive models in the mass market or find an ad in which the shoe box is given away for free.
  • Get plastic transparent containers and put shoes in a wardrobe standing in the hallway.
  • Put a bench and place drawers under it for shoes that you wear every day and do not want to tidy away.
  • Paste the boxes in which the shoes were sold with craft paper and store the shoes in them, neatly stacking them in the hallway.

2 Dirty windows

Dirty windows are bypassed for a long time, because they do not catch the eye and, as it were, do not relate to the mess inside the apartment. Nevertheless, every time you look out the window, you notice stains on the glass and washing hangs on the list of not urgent, but outstanding tasks. Such cases exert psychological pressure, the cause of which we ourselves do not understand.

Spend a couple of hours cleaning windows and you will feel how the feeling of the room changes and you want to change something else in it for the better.

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3 Mold in the cupboard

In the closet where you put the dishes after washing, mold may appear due to dampness. You can eliminate it with special means. And for prevention, treat the inside of the cabinet with vinegar and place an open jar of salt — it will absorb excess moisture.

A plastic dish drying tray that is placed next to the sink can also be treated with vinegar — this will prevent yellowing of the plastic and the appearance of fungus. A paper kitchen towel placed on a tray may also help. Just change it every day to avoid mold.


four Outdated things that are a pity to throw away

Everyone in the house will find things that are not used and do not please with their appearance, but they cannot be thrown away or given away. It can be old books and a service inherited from your grandmother, photographs, frames, magnets, postcards — something that has only emotional value.

Set aside one day to collect these things in one box and put it somewhere deep in a large closet. So they will not stand out in the interior, and you will be calm that you have preserved family value.


5 Little local chaos

Even in the most organized and clean apartment, there is sure to be a place where chaos reigns. A refrigerator, a first aid kit, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe with clothes — such zones take away a good mood, because they cause a feeling of guilt and constantly remind you of yourself.

Take a day to isolate these areas and find a solution for them. Usually all sorts of containers, boxes and getting rid of unnecessary things help.