Listed useful cleaning tips in the video

one Clean up thoroughly at the end of the weekend

If you only visit your dacha on weekends, always leave it in perfect condition when you leave. At the end of the working week, after a long trip in a car or train, you will definitely not want to wash dried dishes, collect garbage and wash floors. Therefore, schedule a little more time for Sunday evening gatherings and dedicate half an hour to an hour of active cleaning inside and around the house. Also organize as many closed storage systems as possible and try to leave horizontal surfaces empty — this will greatly simplify wet cleaning.


2 Ventilate and dust on arrival

Even in a tidy and locked house, dust accumulates and air stagnates in a week. Therefore, when arriving at the dacha, immediately open the windows and walk along the horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth. If you followed the first point and put things in order before leaving, the whole procedure will take no more than half an hour — and you will sleep in a clean and fresh house. Do you smell a lingering damp smell? Light scented candles or use an interior perfume.


3 Throw away everything that goes bad in a week

In the five days you’re in town, leftover food in the trash can will start to rot, spreading a foul odor throughout your home and attracting insects. A bouquet of wild flowers will dry up and become covered with dust, and the water in the vase will deteriorate. Bread in the breadbasket will be covered with mold, milk will turn sour. And if, due to drops in the network, the refrigerator suddenly turns off, then all its contents will also have time to deteriorate. Therefore, before leaving, be sure to make a round of the house with a garbage bag and look for anything that can rot or dry out in your absence. In the kitchen, try to leave only non-perishable food (for example, canned food or pasta), and take everything else with you to the city.


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four Gather handy cleaning supplies

Many people bring cleaning tools to their dachas, which are no longer needed in a city apartment and will not attract thieves if they get into the house in the absence of the owners. So bulky wooden mops, uncomfortable buckets and rags from old T-shirts appear in a country house. Because of this, cleaning in the country becomes a long and unpleasant process. Find a middle ground: for example, buy a slightly more expensive plastic mop with a quick spin and cloth change function. Or get a good second hand vacuum cleaner. The less time cleaning takes, the better you will have a rest over the weekend.


5 Put textiles in closet

In most country houses, especially in rainy summers, humid air accumulates without ventilation. Because of this, towels, bathrobes in the bathroom and bed linen become damp and start to smell unpleasant. If you notice this when visiting on the weekends, just put all textiles in plastic bags and hide them in a closet when you are going back to the city. There you can also put a linen or cotton bag with dried aromatic herbs for a pleasant smell and repel insects.


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