They told in a short video how to use mustard powder on the farm

one Get rid of dried fat

Mustard powder has several benefits, but perhaps the main one is its ability to fight fat. It will help to wash pans, baking sheets and other utensils from the greasy layer. If there is food residue or dirt so much that it can be scraped off, then first clean the surface with a wooden stick and a stream of water. If there are no such contaminants, then simply wet the dishes with warm water. Then sprinkle with a medium layer of mustard powder and leave for 10 minutes. Then rub it into traces of fat with a sponge, the intensity of movements depends on the degree of contamination. This is a good gentle alternative to hard metal sponges, which are contraindicated in non-stick coating. You can also clean the stove with it, acting in approximately the same way. Wet the surface, pour the powder, rub, rinse.

2 Make an eco-friendly and effective dishwashing detergent

Mustard is used not only to fight dried fat, but also to wash dishes with everyday dirt. Here it is not the only ingredient, but an important active ingredient, on the basis of which an eco-friendly dishwashing gel is prepared. Mix in a bowl 2 parts mustard powder, 1.5 parts soda and 1 part citric acid; add 1-1.5 parts of boiled water to the mixture. By changing its volume, you can adjust the consistency of the emulsion — as it suits you. After mixing the elements, pour everything into a convenient jar or bottle. Such a tool will not foam strongly, but it will do an excellent job of cleaning dishes.

3 Remove bad odors

Mustard is great at eliminating odors, so feel free to use it to clean your refrigerator and plastic containers. To clean the first, simply wet a sponge, sprinkle the powder on it or on the shelves of the refrigerator and lightly rub the surfaces, as you would with any other tool. After that, thoroughly wash the remaining mustard. To prevent the smell from appearing in the future, you can make a sachet from a dry powder in a cloth bag and keep it in the far corner of the refrigerator. As for containers, pour mustard into the most «fragrant» containers, close the lid and leave for a while. Then carefully rub and rinse the containers.

four Remove oil stains

Since mustard powder is excellent at removing grease, it can also remove oil stains from fabrics. Mix it with water to make a slurry and spread it over the stain. Wait for some time, if necessary, rub the contaminated area with your hands. If the pollution is abundant, then it will be easier to run a machine wash with mustard. To do this, put the same gruel (perhaps in a larger amount — depending on the amount of laundry) into the drum and start the cycle that you usually use.

5 Protect plants from pests

Mustard is also used in the care of indoor plants. First, for preventive purposes. To protect home flowers from pests in the soil, you just need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of the powder in a liter of water and let it brew. Then simply pour the mixture over the plants. Secondly, exactly the same proportions can be used to get rid of spider mites and aphids that have already appeared. To do this, pour mustard water into a spray bottle and spray the stems and leaves. For greater efficiency, add a solution of 50 g of laundry soap to it.