Board storage, especially in a small apartment, is a real pain. Behind the door, behind the curtain, by the sofa — everyone gets out as best they can. We tell you how to hide an ironing board in the interior of even a small apartment.

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Convenient ways to store your ironing board

Location selection
Ideas for placement
— Hide in the mirror
— Put in a utility closet
— Make a chest of drawers
— Carefully hang
— Fit in wardrobe

Choosing a storage method

In fact, finding a place to store an ironing board is easy. Almost any narrow and high niche will do. The catch is that it is not very convenient to carry it. Moreover, good models usually weigh a lot.

The first thing to start looking for a place to store is to analyze your own habits. That’s what the designers say.

  • If you prefer to iron your clothes with the TV on, ironing facilities should obviously be nearby.
  • Another point: next to this place there must be an outlet, every time you get tired of fiddling with an extension cord.
  • Ironing in the laundry room is convenient. But such a room is not provided in every apartment. As an alternative, you can consider a bathroom, if space permits, or an insulated loggia.
  • Many manufacturers of kitchen sets offer options with a compartment for an ironing device. Consider this possibility when ordering furniture.
  • You can also iron in the hallway. But if you are blocking the passage to the bathroom or toilet, consider this moment in time.

When you have determined the room, you can choose the method.

Ironing board storage

1. Hide in the mirror

This is a folding design that is hidden in a niche behind a small cabinet or mirror. The second option is more aesthetic and functional. An analogue will be a niche for household items, it can be designed even at the stage of repair. In this case, it would be good to provide not only a place for an ironing table, but also for other accessories: an iron, a bucket or a mop.

You can place a locker or mirror almost anywhere, even in the common area. The main plus is that they do not spoil the interior, and the home can iron clothes in any chosen place: from the kitchen or living room to the corridor. In addition, the design itself is easy to fold and unfold.

An important point at the repair stage is to hold an electrical outlet near the chosen place.

2. Put in a closet

A good solution if the area of ​​u200bu200bthe house or apartment allows. Under household items, you can take a whole closet. This option is very popular in European countries.

Usually a piece of furniture has two sections: in the first, in addition to the table, there are tall objects such as a mop and a vacuum cleaner. And in the second — shelves with detergents and accessories for cleaning.

The advantages of the solution are obvious: a clear organization, you always know where to find everything for cleaning. But the downside is that the closet is unlikely to be installed where you want to iron. Most often they are equipped in corridors and hallways.

3. Make a dresser

This is not the most obvious way to store an ironing board. But, when there is no place at all, it is equipped on a chest of drawers.

The main advantage is that such an item does not take up much space, and when folded it looks quite nice. Plus, it is a stable design, unlike fragile retractable systems.

In such a chest of drawers, you can equip a place for dirty or clean linen, iron drawers and accessories for washing and ironing. And if the legs of the chest of drawers are equipped with wheels, then it will become mobile.

You can build such a system with your own hands, in any style that you like.

4. Carefully hang

An option for both small compact ironing boards and full-fledged models.

  • Small ones can be fixed on the door. Lightweight and compact, they do not take up much space. But only clothes will fit on them, ironing bed linen will not work.
  • Large heavy models should not be hung high. It is optimal if it hangs a little higher than the plinth.
  • To prevent the device from unfolding during removal from the support, fix it with a wide elastic band.

Such a support can be made almost anywhere. When deciding where to store your ironing board in a small apartment, pay attention to the walls. This is the most obvious option. In this case, an iron shelf can be equipped above the hooks. You can hide the entire system behind a screen, a door or a heavy curtain — it depends on the storage location.

Simpler models can be hung behind a wardrobe door or an interior door. If they periodically catch your eye, we recommend paying attention to the cover. Sew some cute items that will decorate not only the device itself, but also the interior. They will not stand out with an ugly print.

5. Built into the cabinet

Storing your ironing board in a closet is the most professional solution in terms of design. The photo shows examples in laundry and dressing rooms, but you can equip such a system in a regular closet like a compartment for clothes somewhere in the hallway.

Let us immediately outline the disadvantages of such a system. First, it’s the price. A dressing room with individual compartments will have to be ordered.

Secondly, the impossibility of transferring the structure. It is built into the shelf, it will not work to remove it from there. Thirdly, such a model cannot be called universal. It is not easy to iron bed linen on it, for this you will have to acquire a larger item. Although many still argue about the need for ironing. Yes, and most prefer to use a steamer for this, rather than an iron.

Such a system is suitable for removing creases on clothes and steaming several shirts or dresses. The installation of an additional support in the upper part will partially cope with the strengthening.

Options for embedding the device in a cabinet

  • Vertical. In this case, the table is larger and more stable, but it also takes up more space. The design can be rotated to fit into a narrow niche.
  • Horizontal. In this case, the system is pulled out of the shelf. Pay attention to the position: extended perpendicularly, it will take up more space. It is more convenient to place it in parallel. But in this case, you have to do without a TV.