one Laundry

This solution, along with dressing rooms, is offered by the designers of the store itself. And this is really convenient, because the combination can be assembled not only from baskets or shelves, but also include clothes dryers, bars for wet clothes. Shelves are suitable for storing laundry detergents, as well as folded clean items.

The main parts (tires, slats, brackets) are made of metal — they are not afraid of water and moisture, they are easy to clean. Shelves can be chosen as metal (wire or deaf), and made of chipboard (they are white or with a wood texture). The system is attached to the wall at any height, so you can put a washer and dryer, a dirty laundry basket on the floor below.

2 Living room

Another proposal from IKEA designers is a shelving unit for the living room. A plank, a pair of rails, a few shelves: the compact open storage shelving unit is ready. There are several advantages to such a design.

  • The floor remains free. This is not only space saving and visual space, but also comfort during cleaning. A robot vacuum cleaner can pass under the rack or a brush of a conventional vacuum cleaner can crawl through — which means that dust will not accumulate.
  • The height of the shelves is adjustable. If, while assembling the rack, you set a certain height of the shelves, and then decided to put a high vase on one of them, the shelf can be easily removed and rearranged lower or higher. Also, if necessary, in the future, you can add parts or remove them.

On the rack you can store decor, books and magazines, live plants, as well as beautiful boxes with useful things: for example, documents or spare wires.

3 creative workshop

Modular systems are irreplaceable in workshops. Whatever you do (sewing, knitting, making cosmetics, etc.), you can customize the combination for yourself. Adjust the height of the shelves, select the appropriate modules, equip the storage area with the desired width and height.

Neutral white color and minimalist design allow Boaxel to be integrated into almost any interior, combined with IKEA furniture and more. Shelves can be hung above the work table, and if that’s not enough, line up a whole closet along one of the walls in the workshop.

four Kitchen

A space where there is always not enough storage space is the kitchen. And the Boaksel system will help fix this. If the room has an empty corner or niche, pick up suitable shelves and baskets, fix the resulting combination on the wall.

You can store appliances on the shelves (thus freeing the countertop from the microwave or coffee machine), containers or jars with supplies. It is convenient to put vegetables and fruits in baskets — the mesh base provides excellent air circulation, prevents fruit rotting.

5 Study

Another place where ergonomic storage is required for a large number of things. The shelves above the children’s work table are suitable for compiling textbooks and folding notebooks. The wall above an adult’s desk can be used to organize documents, as well as place decor like family photos.

If there are a lot of documents, a whole wall or niche can be allocated for a modular combination with shelves and baskets: not only papers in trays, but also various little things in boxes, containers, baskets will fit on the shelves.