one You often leave for a long time

If your lifestyle has changed and now you have to leave the apartment often and for a long time, the easiest way is to give the plants to a friend who loves and collects them. Or you will be faced with the need to constantly trust the house to strangers, ask friends and relatives to call in to water the flowers. At the same time, it will be necessary to meticulously explain which plant and in what volume it requires water, invent ingenious automatic irrigation systems and inevitably doom the most demanding species to death.


2 Someone has an allergy

Sometimes a new family member appears in the apartment, who turns out to be intolerant to pollen. Or an allergy can wake up suddenly in the owner of the plants after many years of a quiet life. Unfortunately, if with pets it still makes sense to try different ways to get used to the allergen or deal with it, then it is easier to get rid of flowers by finding them a new home.


3 You do not know how to fit them into the interior

This also happens: window sills and other surfaces make pots with plants, and it looks a little corny, the wow effect does not work. You read that living plants are one of the most spectacular design techniques, and were inspired by interior blogs, but you couldn’t make beautiful gardening in your own house. Plants sometimes get sick and wither, they can simply be poorly matched, grow ugly, or go badly with each other and with the design. Do not blame yourself for this and by all means try to fit them into the interior. If you don’t like how a room with flowers looks, feel free to give them to those who are more suitable for them. You will have a huge number of other ways to decorate the apartment.


four Do you have a pet

There are beautiful poisonous plants that can be safely used to decorate the house, if there is no risk that someone will eat them. But as soon as a cat or a dog has appeared at home, it is worth thinking about getting rid of some flowers.

What plants are best to remove

  • Dieffenbachia. Its juice causes burns of the esophagus and severe poisoning in animals.
  • Oleander. May cause blindness in pets that eat it.
  • Spurge. It also has poisonous juice, and some varieties have thorns, which can also bring poison into the body of pets.
  • Croton. The owner of beautiful large leaves is also very dangerous.
  • Azalea. Not all varieties of this flower are poisonous, you will only have to get rid of Indian azalea or Sims azalea.
  • Mimosa is shy. An interesting plant that folds its leaves when touched. It is not worth keeping it at home in principle: the poison is dangerous even for humans and causes hair loss.
  • Monstera. Another popular poisonous plant with large foliage that is difficult to hide from animals.


5 There are too many plants

Some indoor flowers and trees can grow too large, produce offspring, and end up filling too much space. You should not release new and new surfaces for pots: just determine your limit and get rid of the excess. They can be given to friends or sold online, offered to neighbors or public places like cafes or libraries.