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one Products

To store products, you can purchase containers or special packages that differ in functionality. Vacuum containers are not just tight-fitting plastic boxes for storing food: they have a special valve on the lid that you need to press to release air. This can only be conditionally called a vacuum, since it is impossible to pump out all the air in this way, but this method still allows you to store food longer.

Vacuum bags come with an air-exhausting device, that is, they create a full-fledged vacuum. They can store products significantly longer, several months.

Reasons to use

Airless packaging has several advantages over conventional packaging:

  1. Longer food storage.
  2. Preservation of nutrients.
  3. Compactness.

2 Bed sheets

If you have a lot of bedding sets, as well as seasonal blankets, blankets and pillows that need to be put away for several months, then it makes sense to use a vacuum bag. The most common type for these purposes is made of dense polyethylene with a valve to which the vacuum cleaner hose is connected.

You put all the items in a package, zip up the zip lock, and pump out the air with a vacuum cleaner until the package flattens out and stops shrinking. When folding clothes, do not go beyond the special control line that the manufacturer marks, otherwise the fastener will unfasten.

Reasons to use

This storage of bed linen has important advantages:

  1. Compactness. Vacuuming significantly saves space in the closet, as pillows and blankets are voluminous precisely because there is a lot of air inside them.
  2. Protection against dust and dust mites. Wash and dry your laundry before packing, and then you can be sure that when you get it in a few months, it will be just as clean and fresh.


3 Winter clothes

Storing clothes with a vacuum has its own characteristics, for example, there are things that cannot be stored in this way.

  • Leather Products.
  • Fur products and accessories, such as detachable collars.
  • Old things with worn fabric, for example, down jackets — there is a chance that a small hole will not withstand the pumping out of air, it will disperse, and the filler will climb out of it.

Other things can be vacuum packed, but carefully. For example, jackets and down jackets need to be turned inside out so that zippers and buttons do not tear the bag. Also, when using this storage method, keep in mind that the creases on the clothes will be stronger and more noticeable than if they just lay on the shelf.

Reasons to use

Although this method has its limitations, there are still reasons to try it:

  1. Significant savings in closet space. There are even packages made in the form of a cover for outerwear. That is, down jackets do not have to be folded, they will not wrinkle. In length, such a package takes up as much space as the down jacket itself, but at the same time it will be flat.
  2. Clothing is protected from dust, moths, odors.
  3. Knitwear does not wrinkle much and is best suited for vacuuming.

four Kids toys

Soft toys tolerate vacuuming well and take up little space with this storage method. Consider their condition so that they do not tear when packing and avoid sharp parts so as not to damage the package.

Reasons to use

If a child constantly plays with his toys, such storage is useless. But there are times when it comes in handy:

  1. If you are away from home for a long time and do not want your toys to gather dust.
  2. If you need to move, it is much easier to pack one flat bag into the car than several bulky ones.
  3. If the child has grown up, toys are not suitable for decorating the interior, and it is a pity to throw them away. Put them in vacuum bags and put them in the closet until you figure out what to do with them. After such storage, they look good and later they can be donated or sold.

5 Things in a suitcase

When packing your suitcase for a trip, think about vacuuming — it will allow you to fold clothes, towels and similar soft items much more compactly. Just keep in mind that, despite the flat packaging, the weight of things does not become less and therefore you need to check the total weight of the suitcase so that there is no excess. Also remember that you will most likely need an iron on site, and a vacuum cleaner before departure.

Reasons to use

This method has its advantages:

  1. The clothes are protected from the liquids you are carrying.
  2. You can use a smaller suitcase or take more things.