Identical jars for bulk products in the kitchen or similar dispensers for household chemicals in the bathroom definitely look stylish. But storage should be not only beautiful, but also convenient. In order to understand at a glance what exactly is in a particular container, they must be signed in advance. There are many ways to make beautiful labels: check out our selection of the best.

We told in the video about all the ways

one Slate + chalk or marker

You can stick a slate (chalk) sticker on the jar: these are sold on many online marketplaces. Self-adhesive labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but if you want a custom look, you can make your own cover. To do this, you need slate paint. Mark the borders with adhesive tape, apply adhesive primer, paint 1-2 coats: done!

You can write on the slate with ordinary chalk or a special marker. The advantage of the latter is in a thin rod: it can be used to make more beautiful signatures.

The advantageous difference between slate stickers or paint is that at any time you can erase what has been written and make a new designation. For example, if rice was stored in a container, and now you need to pour buckwheat into it.

2 Marker or paint

Why not write directly on glass or plastic? To do this, you need a special marker on glass (it can be erased at any time to make a new mark) or a regular permanent one. If this is not at hand, take paint and a brush.

The main advantage of the method is aesthetics. No stickers: the inscription is made directly on the glass, it looks minimalistic. The main drawback is that at least minimal lettering skills are required for implementation. This is the only way to make really beautiful signatures.

3 Adhesive tape + printout on a regular sheet

If there are no artistic talents, you can rely on modern technology. Create labels of a suitable design in the editor on your phone or computer, print on plain paper, stick on the container. There are 2 most accurate ways to implement.

  • Cut the label along the contour, protect the front side with transparent tape, stick it in the right place with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Print the document on a laser printer, cut out the elements, glue each face to a transparent adhesive tape, wet it with water, roll up the paper. The print will remain on the adhesive tape — you get a homemade sticker. The only negative is that the base, although transparent, will still be visible near the outline.

four stickers

This method can also be implemented in two different ways.

  • Draw labels in the editor on your phone or computer, print on self-adhesive film. Such a service is not available in every copy center, but it is quite affordable. Printing on film eliminates the need for tape. The sticker will look like a factory sticker, but its design can be customized to fit your interior.
  • Buy ready-made stickers. Some companies offer whole sets of kitchen or bathroom labels that include the names of the main items. For example, kitchen sets consist of tags «Salt», «Sugar», «Flour», «Rice», «Pasta», etc.

5 Embosser

This is the name of a machine that presses letters on a special adhesive tape. Since the inscriptions are made in the same font, in the same style and look the same, there will be no visual noise in the interior. To create the desired label, just insert the tape into the embosser, select the letter, print it. When the word is written completely, it remains to cut off the fragment, remove the protective film from the sticky layer and stick it in the right place. The tape is not afraid of water, so you can use it not only in the kitchen, but also to organize storage in the bathroom.