Before the holidays, it is not necessary to hide indoor plants away so as not to distract attention from the New Year’s decor. You can organically combine both. Below we share interesting ways how to do it.

one Add to decorative town

Cozy houses with luminous windows are a popular decoration option for the New Year. Complement such a composition with indoor flowers in beautiful flower pots. In a decorative town, they can act as trees.

If the plants are climbing, skip...

If the plants are climbing, skip the shoots between the houses, as if enveloping them. But do not use too large branches for this, let them match in scale with the rest of the details.

2 Add a small Christmas tree

If a compact decorative tree looks lonely on a large table or chest of drawers, place other indoor greenery next to it. To make the composition look holistic, take pots of the same shape or color.

It is important to put small & ...
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It is important to put small and not too bright flowers nearby so that the Christmas tree remains the main character of the composition. For example, cacti are a good fit — they, like conifers, have thorns, while they look modest.

3 Decorate with Christmas decorations

Decorate a lonely houseplant in the same way as the rest of the interior. Take decorations in the same style that you used for the Christmas tree and hang them on the flower. Alternatively, you can decorate only the flowerpots, and leave the trunk and branches in their natural form.

Do not try to hang m&...
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Do not try to hang a lot of toys at once, especially if the plant is small — it will look ridiculous. To create the desired accents, one or two balls are enough.

four Light up with garlands

An LED garland will add a New Year’s mood to anything, including a plant in a pot. Just wrap the trunk around or run small lights over the leaves and your flower will be included in the overall holiday decor.

Well, if the garland is not...
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It is good if the garland is not only on it, but also on other elements of the interior. So the decor will look holistic, and the highlighted plant will not stand out against the general background.

5 Use creepers instead of garlands

If you have a climbing plant in your house, use its branches instead of garlands. Put the planter on the shelf and fasten the vines on the opposite side so that they hang down nicely.

In this version, green leaves&...
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In this version, the green leaves will resemble paper flags, and the branch will be the base of the garland. As a result, the flower will become a full-fledged Christmas decoration. And next to it you can put a Christmas tree or put a wreath to repeat the green color of the decor.

6 Put on a tray with cones and deer

Another version of the New Year’s installation is a decorative tray symbolizing the winter forest. Place a planter with a flower on it, and put cones or needles down. Nearby you can place figures of animals: deer, bear, hares.

The plant in this case will benefit ...
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The plant in this case will look like a bush or a tree in a winter forest. Complement it with a more festive planter, decorate with sparkles or decorative snow. The main thing is that this does not harm the flower.


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