The closet is the best place to store clothes and accessories. But designing a structure and its content can be difficult: you can make several mistakes, which we will now discuss.

What wardrobe planning mistakes are easy to make? We tell in the video

one Choose transparent doors

Glass cabinet doors look elegant and airy — the temptation to choose just such is great. But this decision has a lot to do with it. Firstly, many people forget to plan a beautiful composition inside in advance. Sometimes for its implementation you need a special arrangement of shelves and rods. Secondly, the order on them will always have to be maintained, otherwise visual noise is guaranteed. If you are confident in your accuracy, feel free to stick to the decision. If in doubt, choose traditional sashes.


2 Make shelves to the detriment of drawers

Shelves, shelves, shelves… It is they who take pride of place in many cabinets. But giving preference to this type of storage is a mistake. It is much more convenient to use a mix of various elements: baskets, ordinary drawers and flatter ones, trousers and, of course, rods. This will allow you to store clothes more compactly and carefully, as well as keep order inside the closet almost always. Under the shelves, you can take the mezzanine and put boxes and bags with seasonal items there.


3 Design too deep cabinet

Standard cabinets are quite deep, but the fact is that the space in the back is often empty. This happens even with drawers (which, for example, may not slide out all the way) and even more so with shelves. In addition, a closet that is too deep “eats up” clothes — something is often lost in its depths, falling into secluded corners. A definite plus of narrower models is saving space in the room. But the depth can be eaten up by sliding doors, so when choosing a narrow cabinet, you should prefer swing doors.


four Don’t think about the distance between the shelves

If you still decide for yourself that the shelves are convenient, be careful about the distance between them. Too small will make the contents not visible, and then even in a shallow closet, things behind will lie unattended. Even on such shelves it will not be possible to organize vertical storage using containers — their contents will not be visible, although the bonus of this method is precisely in this. Too big is also sometimes not needed — there is a lot of empty space. Plan in advance what you will store on each shelf, then you will understand what height they are needed.


5 Do not calculate the height of the rods

Rods are a handy storage tool inside the closet that different types of clothing require. The first thing buyers forget to consider when planning content is the height of the rails. You need to make sure that all family members comfortably reach for things. Even a couple of centimeters can play a big role. Secondly, many do not think in advance what exactly will hang on their shoulders. Is there enough room for long dresses? Will an oversized knee length coat fit? Is a small bar enough for short things?


6 Choose mirror doors without thinking about the reflection in them

Putting a closet against an empty or decorated wall will both expand the space and avoid visual noise. However, if the mirror reflects the «hot» points of the room or not the most aesthetic corners, then in this way you will double the mess. It is also worth considering whether you see yourself in the mirror while lying on the couch or bed — this fact in the darkness of the night can be frightening for many.