one In a regular closet

If you have one closet, then you most likely store bedding on the shelves next to your clothes. This is convenient, but from a hygiene point of view, it is not entirely correct. Sometimes worn clothes are put in the closet, bacteria or dirt can get on the linen from it. If there is no other place for bedding, choose a suitcase that is the right size and put pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets in it. So you protect the linen from unwanted dirt. When choosing a wardrobe trunk, pay attention to the fact that it must be made of breathable material, and also have holes for ventilation. Otherwise, the laundry will get a not very pleasant smell.

2 In dresser drawers

You can lay out bed linen in deep chest of drawers if it is located next to a place that you regularly cover. For example, sets for adults should be placed in the bedroom, and children’s in the child’s room. In this case, the bed linen will be in its place, you do not need to waste time choosing it. Drawers built into the bed are also suitable for storage.

3 In the linen closet

Selecting a full-fledged closet for storing home textiles is the best solution. It can store bed linen, towels, pillows and blankets.

It is better to place linen that you use regularly on shelves just above eye level. Seasonal blankets, pillows and spare sets — put on the lower or upper shelves, but so that you can easily get them out. These are things you won’t be using every day, but if you need to replace them, it’s best to keep them easy to reach.

four In a box under the bed

If there is not enough space in the cabinets, storage can be organized under the bed. In this case, you will need panniers of suitable height. They should also be made of breathable material and have small ventilation holes. In wardrobe trunks, you can fold linen that you use regularly, or put guest and spare sets in them. If you don’t plan on getting boxes out from under your bed often, then they’re great for storing seasonal duvets and linens that you don’t use for whatever reason.

However, keep in mind that the space under the bed is a rather dusty place. If clean linen has lain in the case for a long time, it is worth rewashing it.

5 In a vacuum bag

Vacuum bags can save a lot of space in your closet, as well as protect things from dust and dust mites. They can remove unnecessary bedding sets, blankets, bedspreads and even pillows. Consider which of the following you do not need in the next few months, and put them in packages.

Their principle of operation is very simple: you need to carefully place clean things in a zip-lock bag, close it carefully, then open the built-in valve and pump out the air with a vacuum cleaner. After that, the package will become flat, it can be put away in a wardrobe trunk or on a shelf in a closet.

Things from the bag should be pulled out every 4-6 months and aired, otherwise they will acquire a musty smell. If you are afraid to forget the date, sign it with a permanent marker or put a piece of paper inside before evacuating the air.

6 In a suitcase

If you do not go somewhere so often, and the suitcase is empty for a long time, you can use it to store things. Remove items that you don’t use often. Put them in organizers or vacuum bags and place them inside your suitcase. In case you need to go somewhere, the contents can be easily removed and placed elsewhere.

Bonus: how to fold laundry

Storage can be made easier if you fold your laundry in a certain way.

  • In stacks. Sort your laundry according to purpose, such as separate pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets. This is convenient if you use them not in a set and often change not all the linen, but some separate part. Or put all the components together and store different sets in one pile.
  • In pillowcases. This method is similar to the previous one and differs only in that the folded set must be removed into one of the pillowcases. Thus, you will not get tangled in linen and will immediately get the right thing out of the closet.
  • vertically. Also, this storage option is called the Marie Kondo method. Sets must be stacked and placed vertically on edge. It is most convenient to place them in organizers, and those, in turn, can be put on shelves in a closet, put in a chest of drawers or even in wardrobe trunks.

For more ways to fold bed linen, see our video