one Stylish pantry in the spirit of the country

This small pantry, more like a closet, is decorated in a country style. The color scheme and materials look as natural as possible: wood with a pronounced texture, earthenware, wicker baskets. To allocate as much storage space as possible, the top surface of the cabinet was also used. On the shelves, in addition to jars and other containers, there were also decorative elements: for example, ceramic pumpkins and a tray.

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2 Laconic pantry in light colors

Open-shelf storage in this bright pantry is simple. Accessories are chosen in the same color scheme as the paint on the walls. The transparent walls of the containers allow you to quickly understand what is stored and where, besides, they look very light and do not overload the small storage space.

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3 Open storage closet

All storage in this spacious pantry is represented by open shelves. The design resembles a standard kitchen cabinet with many sections, only larger and without doors. Here they keep not only cans of groceries and provisions, but also glass vases. On the shelves are combined transparent storage containers with and without lids. In this format, it is convenient to store bulk products like cereals and pasta, and open organizers can be used to organize supplies: for example, dry mashed potatoes or drinks. So the storage looks orderly and tidy.

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four minimalist pantry

Despite the fact that the area of ​​​​this pantry is small, the space looks spacious thanks to the air between the items. When the shelves are not full of jars and boxes, they look aesthetically pleasing and are convenient to use in everyday life. To achieve such minimalism, you need to clearly understand what you really need on the farm, and what you should get rid of. Leave only what you use regularly and the most important food supplies — then such a small pantry will be more than enough for you.

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5 Neoclassical pantry

In utility and utility rooms, they rarely pay attention to the style and decoration of the space. But this example is just that. The pantry was not only decorated in the neoclassical spirit, but also found a place for decorations: several paintings hang above the cabinets, another one — in the same style — stands on the countertop. This is a full-fledged and convenient work area where you can sort out food and even cook something. Small equipment is also located here — probably the one that is used infrequently. Symmetrical mirror storage is organized on open shelves, which enhances the sense of order and meets the classical canons.

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6 Pantry for coffee lovers

This mini-pantry performs two useful functions at once: it separates the coffee station from the rest of the kitchen space, and also helps to unload the set. There are several shelves here, both open and hidden behind a curtain. The ones closest to the coffee maker are occupied by a collection of black and white mugs that support the color scheme of the curtain below. The pantry, although small, contains a lot of useful things and does not look overloaded due to storage in transparent containers.

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