How to use plants in the interior is fashionable? Told in video

one Placement of flowers at the top

If earlier planters with flowers were standardly placed on window sills or shelves, that is, on the middle tier, now more and more attention is paid to the ceiling and the upper part of the walls. If you want to create a trendy interior, then arrange the flowers as high as possible and let them hang down freely. One of the trendy options for landscaping the ceiling is floral chandeliers. They can be decorated with live or artificial plants.

It is not only fashionable, but also usefull...
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It is not only fashionable, but also useful. So indoor plants will not overload the interior, take up useful space that can be reserved for storage, or block the light from the window. This landscaping option is especially good for small apartments.

2 Kokedama and the floating garden

Another trendy way to add plants to the interior is to make them “float” in the air. A variety of hanging pots will help you with this. Some of them look quite standard, others look futuristic. Especially popular now are kokedamas — Japanese moss balls, in the manner of which pots are also made. In the original, they are a ball of peat in which a plant is planted.

There are both natural and stable...
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There are both natural and stabilized kokedama. Both those and others look good in the interior. This way of decorating indoor flowers resembles a garden hanging in the air — it looks unusual and weightless. For the interior, this is a real breath of fresh air and maximum emphasis on lightness.

3 stabilized moss

Decorating walls with moss has been popular for several years, but recently this trend has been gaining momentum. Moss can be arranged in the form of a small panel in the manner of a picture in a frame or cover the entire surface of the wall with it. And sometimes such landscaping even goes to the ceiling.

In the interior it looks very...
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In the interior, it looks very nice and, most importantly, requires a little effort to maintain and maintain a beautiful appearance. If you want to achieve an even stronger effect, integrate moss not only into the decoration, but also into the furniture elements.

four Flowers are everywhere

If you want to add fashionable accents to the interior, place indoor plants in non-standard rooms: for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Choose unusual places for landscaping: ceiling, kitchen apron, walls. Consider your own convenience at the same time: it is obvious that in a kitchen where they cook regularly, placing open stabilized moss on an apron will not be the best solution, and such decor will not last even a couple of months. It will be much more convenient to close it with a protective glass.

Including fashion trends in int&...
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When incorporating fashion trends into the interior, correlate them with your personal habits and common sense. For example, only those plants that calmly tolerate high humidity and heat, and are also undemanding to lighting, are suitable for a bathroom.

5 Useful gardening

Conscious consumption and an appropriate approach to interior design have also reached indoor plants. Now it is fashionable that flowers in a pot are not only pleasing to the eye, but also beneficial.

For example, plants can influence...
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For example, plants can influence the microclimate in the house, purify the air, scent the room, even improve the condition of the skin. Also in vogue are a variety of medicinal herbs and spices that can be used as food.

6 Minimalism

Another interior design trend that has spread to indoor plants is minimalism. Simple shapes and shades, the absence of unnecessary decor and additional details — all this is now at the peak of popularity both in design and in landscaping an apartment.

Laconic appearance hello

A laconic appearance is also welcomed in flower accessories, primarily in flowerpots. Also, this trend can be traced in the choice of the plant variety itself: too complex and fastidious flowers give way to simple in shape and unpretentious.

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