In our selection there are options that you can implement without any global alterations in an apartment or house. But we also offer ideas for those who are just about to make repairs and are planning how to fit everything they need in a limited area.

one Baskets are everywhere

Even where they don’t seem to belong. Or where a place for them was not originally provided.

For example, baskets can be h...
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For example, baskets can be placed under a console table in an entryway or living room. Empty space should be filled with something functional. And in such baskets small decor items, stationery, chargers and other necessary things that need to be put somewhere can be stored.

Another option for placing baskets is in a niche that is not occupied by a hanging cabinet. Such empty corners sometimes remain if ready-made furniture was bought in a non-standard room.

In this example, carts are placed...

In this example, baskets are placed on a shelf. This is an affordable option — you can choose a shelf of any design, it will still not be visible under the baskets. A good option for the kitchen or bathroom.

2 Furniture with storage boxes

The most popular furniture option with drawers is a folding sofa. As a rule, bedding is stored there, but you can also store seasonal clothes with shoes, and small sports equipment. The second most popular piece of furniture is the bed. By the way, if you have already bought a bed without a lifting mechanism, it does not matter. Now boxes are sold that go under the bottom of the bed in height. The same seasonal items, bedding, children’s toys can fit there.

If you choose table group...
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If you choose a dining group, pay attention to the kitchen corners. But not outdated models, but more relevant. For example, as in this photo. The corner is mounted by the window, and below there are drawers for storage. In the kitchen, they can fit home textiles, stocks of cereals, dishes.

3 Storage on a cabinet

In order to increase storage systems, designers often design cabinets to order, to the ceiling. But if you already have a closet, the space under the ceiling can still be used.

Choose baskets or boxes for p&...
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Choose baskets or boxes that match the color of the cabinet or contrast to create an accent. It is worth putting seasonal clothes in vacuum bags in them so that they take up less space.

four Cabinets around the window

You can use the maximum usable area by designing storage systems around the window. They can be open, closed or a combination. For example, on the sides of the window there are open shelves for books, and at the bottom — closed ones. If you have a radiator under the window, provide holes in the furniture to let warm air out.

From the low window sill you can...
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From a low window sill, you can make an additional resting place in the room. Place pillows and soft blankets on it.

5 Wardrobe around the door

You can use not only the place around the window openings, but also around the door. To order today you can design almost any design.

For example, here the cabinets are located...

For example, here cabinets are located not only on the sides of the door, but also above the doorway, encircling it completely. The chosen color of the facades, which almost completely repeats the shade of the walls, visually makes the cabinets less noticeable.

6 Suspension systems

You can free up floor space with hanging systems. They are used in the kitchen, in the hallway, in pantries, dressing rooms. In the kitchen, roof rails already familiar to most are used as suspension systems.

A good example of organization xp
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A good example of organizing the storage of household items for cleaning is on hooks. In this way, you can decorate, for example, a wall on a balcony or allocate space in a large utility closet.