You can bring spring closer with the help of indoor plants: settle at home those that are already blooming. Potted flowers are more durable than cut bouquets, and they add the same mood to the house: spring, positive and invigorating. Take on board varieties that will soon begin to bloom.

one Anthurium

Anthurium has beautiful glossy leaves and a flower that resembles either a lily or a calla lily. In the interior, it does not look catchy, but rather delicate. The size of the plant can be either standard, suitable for a windowsill, or larger — it is better to store such a flower on a special stand. The more famous name of anthurium is “female happiness”, it is customary to give it to women. And its flowering is very handy on the eve of March 8th. In order for the plant to feel good and bloom regularly, it is important to change the substrate once a year in the spring. The flower loves oxygen, so the soil is mixed with peat and moss, and small holes are made in the soil around the perimeter of the pot.

2 Amaryllis

Amaryllis blooms luxuriantly, catchy and bright. In the interior, such a flower will certainly become the center of attention, this must be taken into account when choosing a place in which the flowerpot with the plant will stand. Amaryllis has an unusual shape: a long trunk without leaves is crowned with several large flowers resembling lilies or huge bells. In nature, amaryllis grows in warm tropical climates. For good health at home, the plant needs a lot of light, regular watering and warmth.

3 Cyclamen

This is a small tuberous plant. It is compactness that made cyclamen so popular. The plant must be watered in a pan: moisture should not fall on the tuber, otherwise the root system may weaken. Usually, after watering, the water is absorbed within an hour, then the excess can be removed from the pan. Otherwise, cyclamen does not require special attention and blooms regularly.

four Violet

Homemade violets are delicate miniature flowers that can be included even in the interior of a small room. In order for the plant to bloom profusely, it is important to know a few rules. Violet does not tolerate drafts or heat, the optimum temperature for it is about 22 degrees. The pot with the plant must be periodically turned in different directions to the sun so that the growth is uniform. Old diseased leaves should be removed in a timely manner.

5 Begonia

There are many varieties of begonias. They differ from each other in the type of root system and in the place of growth, some are garden, others are grown as indoor. Varieties that bloom, it is better not to put in direct sunlight, but to keep in the shade with diffused light. The bright sun is loved only by those varieties that have variegated leaves instead of flowers. Do not place begonia pots near the battery and regularly moisten the air around the plant.

6 Geranium

All winter the geranium is in «hibernation», it loses some of the leaves and does not bloom until spring. Closer to this time, the plant is pruned, after which the bush regains strength and lays flower buds. It is important to remember that after pruning, geraniums must be placed in a sunny place.