It is good if a separate room is allocated for the nursery. But not everyone can afford it. Often the child lives in the parents’ room, especially while he is small, and this is 3-5 years after birth. We show how to organize the storage of children’s things and not litter the entire apartment.

one Vertical storage of clothes in drawers

Usually the baby has a lot of knitwear: t-shirts, pants, sweaters and bodysuits. It is easy to fold them into convenient envelopes for vertical storage.

It is convenient to put such envelopes
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It is most convenient to put such envelopes in a chest of drawers with dividers. Dividers will keep things from getting mixed up, and it will be possible to get the right thing in a split second — which is important when mom has a child in her arms that needs to be changed quickly.

In the video, we showed how to compactly fold children’s things.

2 Separate chest of drawers with labeling

A free-standing chest of drawers will not take up much space in the room, but you can conveniently place children’s things in it. And it will be even more convenient if you make signatures-markings in which boxes specific categories of things are stored.

If a child is learning to dress &...
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If a child is learning to dress himself, such tips will help him quickly find what he needs. And for parents who have little free time, such markings on the boxes can be useful.

3 Open shelving with identical baskets

In such a rack you can store both children’s things and toys. Visual noise is easily avoided by buying identical baskets. By style, they can be anything: wicker, cardboard, plain or with drawings — choose the option that you like best and fits the interior.

By the way, in this example, you can...
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By the way, in this example, you can peep how to divide such a large rack for storing things of two children — using the color of the baskets. It can be assumed that things in baskets with a pink bottom will belong to a girl, and with a blue one — to a boy.

four Narrow book shelf

It will not be difficult to single out a separate corner for a child’s books with such a narrow wall shelf. It does not take up space on the floor, so it will fit even in the smallest room.

It is important to calculate the amount
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It is important to calculate the number of books that the child has. If there are a lot of them and the volumes are thick, then this storage option will not work.

5 Wardrobe with sections for everything

If it is possible to plan a closet on your own or single out one section of an “adult” closet for a child, place all things compactly there.

In this case, it is better to wear clothes ...
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In this case, it is better to fold clothes in vertical piles and place them in organizers. So it will take up less space. How to fold, shown in the video above.

6 Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are a godsend for storing not only clothes, but also children’s soft toys. If you want to temporarily store warm clothes that are not yet needed, as well as sort toys and hide those that the child is already tired of, this is the best option to save space in the closet.

Vacuum bags can be removed &...
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Vacuum bags can be removed not only in the closet, but also in drawers under the bed, and in the same baskets on the rack, and anywhere. In a vacuum, the thing will not become damp and dust mites and moths will not get it. Just keep in mind that if there is fur on winter overalls and jackets, it will need to be unfastened.