one old toys

Many people have soft toys in the house that no longer look aesthetically pleasing to be sold or donated. Rows of worn plush animals, placed on the shelves and at the head of the bed, look strange in the room of an adult or a teenager, and it is almost impossible to find a decent decoration for them. This is the moment when you need to recognize that the memories are stored in your heart, and it’s time for the toys to go to the trash.

If there is one very dear toy toy, perhaps you can give it a second life by changing the filler and thoroughly cleaning it, and it will become a beautiful retro decoration.


2 Small decor

The smaller the decorative element, for example, a glass figurine, the more difficult it is to fit it into the interior. A lot of small decor items that do not match with each other in theme, color scheme or material create visual noise and spoil the impression of the interior. Feel free to get rid of cute, but useless little things, and replace them with larger items. You will see that a combination of a large vase and a couple of photos within a medium format looks much more elegant than a dozen frames, napkins and figurines placed on a shelf or chest of drawers.


3 Empty packages

The house often accumulates empty bottles, cans and boxes that are left over from food, gifts or appliances. Try to get rid of them as much as possible: they do not add aesthetics to the interior, they create visual noise, and you can find the same stylish containers and boxes to replace them in almost any store.


four Outdated and broken equipment

On balconies and in the depths of the kitchen, you can often find boxes of appliances that have never been used or broken. Everything that you have not used for more than a year or two can be safely sent for processing or sold, clearing space. If you don’t have enough determination to do it in one fell swoop, sort it out: put into three boxes what you will take to friends or put up for sale in the near future, what you will give for processing and what will lie in the box for another month while you think . The main thing is not to forget about this third box in a month.

If you still decide to get rid of something large, for example, an old TV or a washing machine that no one wanted to buy or take away, do not just take them to a landfill near the house — you can get a fine for this. Instead, find companies in your city that are willing to pick up old equipment for free or for a small reward and call the experts. The equipment is also accepted by large electronics hypermarkets.


5 worn out clothes

A good first step to decluttering your wardrobe and organizing your clothing storage system is to get rid of all the worn out items. An easy way to figure out whether to throw away an item is to ask yourself if you would wear it for a walk where you want to look good and feel comfortable. Feel free to refuse everything on which non-washable stains remain, things with deformed material, holes, from objects that have lost their original shade. Psychologists do not advise leaving these clothes for home or for summer cottages, and it is more convenient to use store-bought sponges and microfiber rags for cleaning.


6 Damaged crockery

Another item that in most cases should be thrown into the bin without hesitation is plates, cups and saucers with chipped edges. It is also worth getting rid of the cutting boards on which you cut meat and raw vegetables, if they already have deep scratches — bacteria accumulate in them.

However, some kitchen utensils can be successfully saved. For example, if you wash an aluminum meat grinder in the dishwasher and it is covered with a black coating, you can clean it off with a metal sponge and wipe the surface with an oiled cloth. After that, the meat grinder can be used again, but no longer put it in the dishwasher.