one On the wall

Surely you have an empty, unused wall in your kitchen. If you have nowhere to put things, it may be worth organizing additional places for them. For example, just add shelves or hooks. However, the following options will look more interesting and stylish.

  • The pegboard can simply be hung on a free wall and used to store small items, cooking notes, cooking accessories. It will also look great as an organizer near the sink or workspace.

  • Roof rails are a storage system known to many housewives. However, not everyone realizes that they can be placed on an ordinary wall in several rows by hanging accessories and storage containers.

  • Baskets are another accessory that many people forget about. It is convenient to store fruits in them, they are stored there longer, since the mesh material does not interfere with air circulation.

2 inside the closet

If your kitchen set has high shelves and does not fit as many things inside as you would like, then it is worth upgrading the storage system. It is not necessary to build in new shelves for this: you can simply add special inserts that will allow you to organize two or three levels of storage.

3 Under the main shelves

Another reason is the lack of space in the cabinets. It can be solved with hanging sections and baskets. There are models for both open shelves and closed ones. They can store vegetables and fruits, as well as accessories, textiles and other things.

four On the refrigerator wall

Do not forget about the walls of the refrigerator from the outside: you can attach shelves to them, which are held on strong magnets. They look very stylish and allow you to store many things: spices, books, paper towels and various accessories.

5 By the sink

Many people have a large dish dryer next to the sink in the kitchen. It takes up quite a lot of space, and its tray requires constant cleaning, as it often appears on it from flowing water. To free up space, but at the same time leave the dryer next to the sink, hanging systems and dryers designed to be located above the sink will help. From them, water will drain immediately into the drain, so you can not be afraid of a strong raid.

6 Between cabinets

If in your kitchen there is a space between the headset and appliances, but you can’t build a full-fledged cabinet in it, you can take this place with a sliding system. You will have to try and find the right size option. But these efforts are worth it: in such a section you can store vegetables, containers with groceries, stocks of ordinary and paper towels, and much more.