Organizing proper storage under the sink is more difficult than elsewhere, because there is equipment. For example, a siphon or a waste grinder. Nevertheless, this space can be decorated beautifully and comfortably. It is important to avoid the mistakes that we will discuss below.

Listed errors in the video

one Ignore the size of the equipment in the cabinet

If it is incorrect to calculate the place for equipment under the sink: a siphon, a filter, a waste grinder, the cabinet will be overcrowded, and access to some items will be difficult.

How to

Plan ahead for all equipment. Calculate how much space the siphon will take up. Consider where the in-line filter for drinking water will be located and whether you are going to use a waste disposer. This needs to be decided at the stage of planning kitchen furniture. Depending on the amount of equipment, you can calculate how many things or shelves will fit in the closet.

2 Do not use tabs

In the closet, which did not provide for the division into tiers, things are stored on the only bottom shelf. The boxes can be supplemented with ordinary shelves, but it is not always possible to insert such shelves due to pipes and a siphon.

How to

Try using insert shelves in the cabinet under the sink. They are mobile, they can be matched to the size of the free area that remains in the box. In addition, such inserts will help to double or even triple the usable area.

3 Do not use storage doors

Despite the obvious convenience, the surface of the doors is still rarely used for storing items. More often things are put on the shelves in the closet, thus loading it even more.

How to

The easiest way to organize convenient storage on the doors is to use hooks and shelves with suction cups. For them, you do not need to drill the surface of the furniture, and if necessary, they are easy to remove. Store light items on the door, such as sponges and cleaning cloths. Due to heavy objects, the doors may warp.

four Do not use retractable structures

Conventional containers are more difficult to get from the depth of the cabinet. They, as a rule, are filled with things once, put away and, as a result, they forget about the contents.

How to

It is better to use containers on wheels and different sliding shelves. These are much easier to take out of the closet, so you can easily find the necessary cleaning products in them.

5 Do not sort household chemicals

If you put all the tools together, it will be difficult to find the right one during the cleaning process, and the storage inside the drawer will become less tidy.

How to

Sort the funds by functionality, arrange them in several identical containers and sign each one. So storage will be ergonomic and neat.

6 Put the trash can in the center of the drawer

This mistake will cost you precious mailbox space. In addition, it is not always possible to put a bucket under the drain from the sink.

How to

If you want to ergonomically equip the box, take a look at the trash containers that are mounted on the wall or door. It is also convenient to use small narrow buckets, they do not take up much space.