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one Storage in cereal boxes

Trim the upright boxes that typically sell cornflakes and other types of breakfast cereals. It should look like a magazine holder. In this way, you can sort plastic container lids, disposable tableware sets and other horizontal, lightweight items that constantly create a visual dump inside kitchen cabinets in drawers.

However, if you have unnecessary...
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However, if you have unnecessary paper holders bought for the home office, you can adapt them for the same purpose, and there is no need to cut cereal boxes.

2 Vertical storage of towels in a drawer

Easier and cheaper ideas are hard to find. Simply fold all the kitchen towels into a drawer into even squares, then place them on edge. So it will be much easier to find what you need than in an overflowing box with randomly scattered textiles.

Thus, it is very convenient to store...
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In this way, it is very convenient to store waffle and terry towels, because they hardly wrinkle. If you don’t like creases in cottons and linens, try rolling them up and storing them that way.

3 Keeping everything on a tray

Surely you have a tray — inherited from your grandmother or bought once in a store. And you certainly don’t carry tea and a platter of biscuits on it from the kitchen to the living room. At best, you get it once a year for a big occasion.

So, it can be applied in ek...
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So, it can be used in daily storage — put there what is chaotically transferred over the countertop: a sugar bowl, a salt and pepper shaker, perhaps jars of oil and vinegar if you do not store them in cabinets.

four Storing spices on clothespins

Very few people in the house do not have a couple of clothespins. In the meantime, they can be successfully used to store a small amount of spices on the doors of kitchen cabinets. Simply glue a clothespin to the back of the door and secure the spice bag.

This option for storing spices &...
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This option for storing spices is perfect for someone who does not use a collection of aromatic spices, but has only a couple of bags in his arsenal. It is really difficult for them to find a place — it is much easier to place a large number of jars.

5 Storing baking dishes on a dish dryer

Fans of baking pies, muffins and pies at home will surely know how difficult it is to organize numerous baking dishes and baking sheets in kitchen drawers. This is as difficult a task as folding pot lids neatly and compactly.

Shops sell special
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Specialty lid holders are sold in stores, but a dish dryer can also be adapted for this purpose. Put it in a closed cabinet so as not to create visual chaos on the countertop.

6 Ordinary cardboard boxes as dividers in boxes

No one will see the insides of closed boxes, except for the owners. Therefore, if you are not embarrassed by some unaesthetic nature of this method, feel free to use it. Use any boxes that are in the house that fit.

Cut out the bottom of the box and remove...
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Cut out the bottom of the box and remove the lid. Ready! You have dividers with which you can organize in one drawer the storage of spices, baby bottles, measuring spoons — and anything else.