one Lavender

Lavender is a herbaceous plant that is considered a field plant. Its smell is soothing, which is why dried lavender is often present in aroma sachets, and also as a component of various products. It is also added to tea and even to some dishes. The aroma of the plant is light and unobtrusive. If you do not like bright and juicy smells, then opt for it.

During the flowering period, lavender is decorated with small purple-blue flowers. If you plant it in a ceramic pot, the composition will become a wonderful interior decoration.

The plant is quite capricious and requires careful care. For him, waterlogging of the soil is detrimental, but it also does not like drought. You need to water little by little and often, while not letting the soil dry out more than 1/3. Be sure to use drainage that will absorb excess moisture. This will keep the lavender from overflowing.

Put her in the sunniest place in the apartment — she loves a lot of light. If it is not enough, then it may be worth considering buying a special lamp.

2 Oregano (Aromatic oregano)

We used to grow oregano in the garden and add it as a seasoning to Italian dishes. However, it can be planted in a pot and kept at home. In this case, you will not only have spices on hand, but also a beautiful green plant. By the way, you can put it right on the windowsill of the kitchen.

Oregano is easy to grow from seed, or you can buy sprouted from the store. It needs to be watered every 4 days. It is important not to flood, because of this the plant may die.

3 Peppermint

Mint is an undemanding but highly aromatic plant that is easy to grow at home. Like oregano, it can be planted in the ground as seeds. Or buy a regular bunch at the grocery store or market, take one branch and put it in water. Roots should appear in about 7 days. After the branch must be planted in the ground.

Mint loves the light, so you should place it on the windowsill on the sunny side of the house. It should be watered as often as the soil dries out. You can check this simply: stick a stick or a finger, if the earth is dry at a depth, watering is needed. When mint slows down growth, it is worth watering a little less often.

In addition to the fresh and pleasant aroma, this plant will bring you many benefits. It can be added to tea, dried and made into sachets, used to make mojitos and other lemonades. Another unusual way that is suitable for a home spa is to crush fresh leaves, put in a small bowl and place on the edge of the bath while taking it. Hot steam and a subtle scent of mint will turn into an aromatherapy session and help you relax

four Hoya

The second name of hoya is wax ivy. This is a tropical evergreen plant whose leaves are actually covered in wax. It looks quite unusual: during the flowering period it is covered with clusters of flowers, which from afar look like small bouquets. It is thanks to them that the plant has an unusual aroma, similar to exquisite perfumes.

Hoya is not recommended to be placed in the bedroom, because the smell is very rich and bright, it will be difficult to sleep with this. And if you want to move the plant to another room, then most likely it will shed its leaves.

Hoya should be watered regularly. In the warm season (March-October) — once every 7 days. With the onset of cold weather, watering is reduced to 1 time in 2 weeks.

Be careful, hoya is a poisonous plant. All parts are dangerous: both flowers and stems. The juice must not be allowed to come into contact with the skin. Therefore, you need to work with him only with gloves.

5 Fragrant Geranium

This evergreen plant is not demanding to care for. You can put it in a very bright place, and in partial shade. It would be ideal if you find a place in the room where the sun looks for only half a day. The plant is not recommended to be sprayed. It should be watered as the soil dries out.

Geranium blooms almost all year round with bright inflorescences, so it will delight you every day. Other than that, she’s very helpful. The plant is able to purify the air, repel insects such as mosquitoes, and also has antiviral properties.

The smell of geraniums is strong and specific. Therefore, before choosing a particular variety, it is better to smell the plant in the store. Thus, you can choose the one that you like the most. Gardeners note that different varieties of geraniums can smell like apples, lemons, and even nutmeg.

6 Gardenia

This is a tropical plant that is quite picky about its surrounding conditions. He needs a lot of bright light: 6-8 hours a day. Gardenia loves heat and humidity, does not tolerate strong temperature fluctuations. It must be sprayed frequently, watered regularly, and not allowed to dry out the soil. It also cannot be filled. It is better to choose good drainage, it will protect the plant from this.

But the complexities of growing make up for the large creamy white flowers, which have a delightfully lush scent. In the interior, the plant looks strict and very stylish.