General cleaning or dry cleaning of upholstered furniture should be carried out at least twice a year. If you have animals or small children, the frequency increases to 4 or 5 times a year. There are at least six reasons to take up the brush and shampoo, and all of them are significant.

one To avoid suffering from allergies

If your allergic reactions are becoming more frequent, this is an occasion to start by cleaning the house. Dust and dirt that has accumulated in the upholstery of upholstered furniture may well become a catalyst for allergies. And if allergy sufferers live in the house, then regular and frequent cleaning of upholstered furniture is simply necessary for you. The thing is that being in the air for a long time, dust begins to attract harmful substances to itself, which cause allergies.

2 To keep dust from spreading around the house

Dust is not only a possible cause of allergies, but also a potential source of the spread of viruses and protozoan larvae, which can then enter the body with air. In upholstered furniture, dust clogs between the weave of threads on the upholstery. Doubt that you are dusty? Try hitting the sofa with your hand in the light. All these particles can settle on the surfaces in the room, which means you will have to clean more often. Vacuuming is the easiest way to quickly get rid of dust. You can use a special narrow nozzle for hard-to-reach parts of upholstered furniture. In addition, you can cover the surface with a damp sheet and tap the sofa intensively with a mop or broom. The dust that will come out of the sofa will settle on the damp fabric.

3 To sleep better

Nightmares, frequent awakenings, and reduced deep sleep times can also be indirectly related to where you sleep. It’s not just about convenience, it’s also about cleanliness — dust and bacteria pollute the air around you when you sleep, and prevent the body from fully resting. You experience oxygen starvation and stress, so the next morning you may even have a headache.

four For long lasting upholstery

Over time, any upholstery becomes less durable, but excess dust and dirt can accelerate the decay process. Dust particles are clogged between the fibers of the fabric and it gradually wears out. Eventually, the upholstery will fade, lose its appeal, and tear. Reupholstering is much more expensive and more difficult than starting an extraordinary sofa cleaning, right?

5 To prevent the reproduction of dust mites

Dust that has clogged between the fibers of the fabric is an ideal place in which dust mites are very fond of settling. They cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. But the waste products of these microorganisms, along with dust, enter the body and cause allergies and its transition to a chronic state. In addition, dust mites can cause all sorts of rashes on the skin.

6 To make cleaning easier

As with any other fabric, the upholstery of upholstered furniture has a rule according to which fresh stains are easier and faster to remove than old ones. If you accidentally crush a berry or spill the juice, remove the dirt immediately. To avoid streaks, pay attention to the entire surface, and not just the place where the stain formed.