Indoor plants can cool the interior and your everyday life. it
especially true when the daily routine is built in such a way that you spend a lot of time at home. How green spaces will help in the fight against depression, make the air cleaner and complement the interior, we tell below.

No time to read? In a short video, they listed the reasons to get indoor plants

one Plants are uplifting

Green color has a wonderful effect on the emotional state, calms and stabilizes emotions. Plus, if the plant is flowering, fresh flowers in the house incredibly transform and refresh the interior, which also affects the overall well-being. Fresh flowers are associated with spring, the transformation of nature, and if you are rarely outdoors, adding some natural greenery to the apartment is a great compromise.

2 Add natural touches to the interior

Everything natural is now at the peak of popularity, and what could be more natural than a houseplant? This is the most relevant decor, and especially on the eve of summer. If you have space, put a large planter with a monstera or banana palm. Tall cacti look stylish, and the more careless their shape, the better. If you live in a small apartment and you only have a windowsill for plants, put succulents or chlorophytum there. Both the one and the other variety looks fashionable and not too picky.

3 Serve as an excellent spice for the dish

No more scouring store shelves for thyme or a bunch of mint, fresh spices and herbs can easily be grown on a windowsill. Provide good lighting, water often — and enjoy all year round. An impromptu garden bed looks great — in a large planter, stylized as a basin or a shallow bucket, plant all varieties of herbs and spices at once. When they grow up, it will look like a natural lawn of healthy herbs.


four Purify and humidify the air

If you have a lot of synthetic textiles, pets, children, and hard-to-clean corners, plants are vital for you. It is worth choosing from those that purify the air from harmful impurities, including dust. For example, cacti and succulents can be placed near the computer — they perfectly purify the air. Other varieties are a budget alternative to a humidifier. They improve the microclimate, but they are much cheaper and do not need expensive repairs.


5 Can complement your first aid kit and cosmetic bag

Aloe, lotus, chamomile and many other window sill dwellers can be added to your arsenal of health products. Only the lazy did not write about the healing properties of aloe — the juice of this plant is added to masks for the face and body, aloe helps to heal wounds and treat some skin diseases. Lotus has a beneficial effect on the eyes, calming them. It is good to put it near a computer monitor.


6 inspire

Bright leaves and flowers stimulate the imagination and give a powerful impetus to work. If you have exhausted your supply of inspiration, put some colorful plants in the room, such as calathea, alocasia, or ferns. The intricate pattern on the leaves of alocasia and the complex shape of ferns, their variegated colors are the main trends in the world of indoor plants.