one Books and papers

When there is not enough space on the shelves of the rack or in bookcases, it is tempting to place stacks of books and folders with papers under the bed. Of course, there is no ban on this, only looking for the right copy and getting it out of there will be much more difficult than from the shelf. It is better to assess whether the labor costs are really worth it. And if you want to put unnecessary books there, you can do it temporarily — until you are going to take them, for example, to the nearest library or invite friends or neighbors to pick up those books that have lost relevance for your family.

2 Remains of building materials

After repairs, paint cans, packages of dry building materials such as plaster or putty, brushes, possibly wallpaper rolls, flooring slats often remain. For lack of free space in the apartment, there is a temptation to hide this wealth under the bed. But you should not do this. Firstly, it is likely that the paint can emit a slight smell even in a closed package, and the dust from dry materials will be carried around the apartment. Secondly, wallpaper rolls will accumulate a fairly large amount of dust on themselves. It is best to adapt a rack on the balcony for this or sell (give away) the remnants of materials to those who need it. Ask your neighbors, maybe they’ll take it.


3 What you use daily

Obviously, it makes no sense to hide under the bed what you use every day — clothes, shoes, underwear. The soles of shoes, for example, will have to be constantly washed before being hidden under the bed, otherwise it is extremely unhygienic. Well, storing essentials under the bed is simply inconvenient. It is better to hide seasonal items there: down jackets, folded sweaters and scarves. Just make sure you pack them properly first so they don’t take up much space and fit in drawers under your bed.

four Any items without packaging

If you don’t have a bed lift and drawers inside, don’t have extra storage boxes that you can buy with the bed, or don’t have any other boxes or drawers that will fit, don’t put anything in there at all. Things that will just lie on the floor, even if you wash it first, will still collect a lot of dust.

5 heavy items

Everything is simple here — heavy objects can scratch the floor while you pull them out from under the bed. If the boxes are built-in, there are probably also restrictions on the weight of what will be stored in them — ask the seller of the bed or read in the product description.

6 Empty boxes and crates

It makes no sense to leave empty boxes and drawers for storage, this is an extremely irrational use of usable space. If you decide to use the place under the bed, put bedding, seasonal items, blankets and pillows there.