one Electrical devices

Electricity and water are not compatible, everyone knows about it. Nevertheless, the ceiling lamps on the same chandeliers must be washed. And many resort to the method of wet rags. It’s better not to risk it. If you need to wash the lamp, disconnect the shades and process them separately. If this is not possible, turn off the power supply on the shield, and only then start working with the chandelier and lamp, but it is still better not to use wet materials, only dry ones. Yes, it will take longer, but it will be safer.


The same applies to sockets. By the way, they often forget to wash them. But there is no place for a damp cloth either. Use only dry materials and wipe the socket from the top without getting into the plug holes.

2 Gas-burners

Everyone who has a gas stove should be familiar with this rule — do not wash gas burners with water. And also do not spray detergent that can get on the burner.


If you need to clean the stove, pour the product directly onto a rag and wash the surface, carefully avoiding the holes on the burner. So the gas stove will last you longer, and you will protect yourself and your household.

3 Silver

Silverware, silver jewelry or decorative items, as well as copper and brass fittings, should not be washed with water alone. Sooner or later, this will lead to their tarnishing.


It is better to use special silver cleaners, but you can also try folk recipes. For example, ketchup. An unexpected remedy, but the acid in the composition of ketchup will help get rid of dullness. Then, of course, you will have to wash off the ketchup and polish it with a cloth. By the way, there are no contradictions in using water after ketchup. You have already got rid of dullness, which means that rinsing will not hurt.

four Brickwork and plaster

The reason why it is not recommended to wash brick and plastered surfaces with direct jets of water is their porosity. That is, they easily absorb water, as a result, mold can form. In order to avoid this, the surfaces are treated with special compounds — water repellents.


If you are not sure that the appropriate treatment has been carried out, do not use water when washing. It is better to use a soft brush or cloth. And there are special compounds for cleaning bricks.

5 Velvet and suede

Soft fabrics are often used in home decor. Curtains are sewn from them, sometimes upholstery is made for upholstered furniture. And, of course, they get dirty no less than other furnishings. But the issue of cleaning must be approached carefully. Using water for cleaning is not the best idea. Instead of the expected cleanliness, even more stains, streaks and streaks on the fabric may appear. Curtains may shrink. It is better to do with a dry soft brush, walk on the surface with a vacuum cleaner. And clean the upholstery with a special tool.


6 Keyboards

Computer keyboards get dirty all the time and for everyone, even if you don’t have the habit of eating while sitting at your desk. Dust and small particles of dirt inevitably remain inside the keyboard. Just do not rush to use wet cloths for cleaning, as you risk damaging the electronics.


An old toothbrush, a special keyboard vacuum, or compressed air can help in such cases.