one Provide a humid microclimate

The most basic thing you can do to care for a leather sofa is to provide it with a comfortable environment. It sounds funny, but these simple conditions will really prolong his life. It is better not to place such furniture close to batteries or portable heaters — the skin will dry out from high temperature and dryness. In addition, the overall humidity level in the room should be kept quite high — about 60%. But this will additionally have a beneficial effect on yourself and on houseplants.

2 Regularly use special treatment products

At least twice a year, the skin must be treated with a special moisturizer. It will not allow the material to crack over time — this is its main problem. These emulsions make the skin more elastic, which prolongs its life. It is believed that you can rub the sofa with castor oil — it can really moisturize the material, but in caring for especially expensive models, it is still better to stick to professional store products.

3 Carry out preventive cleaning

Even if there is no visible dirt on the sofa, it is worth doing a little “prevention” a couple of times a month. Genuine leather has a porous structure, so dust can easily get into it, getting stuck in hard-to-reach corners. From its accumulation over time, the material will begin to deteriorate, and the sofa itself will lose its appearance. So once a week or two, vacuum your leather furniture on low power using a soft brush attachment. In addition, such treatment will be very useful if there are allergy sufferers or small children in the house.

four Pay special attention to fair skin

Blue jeans, bright blankets, bedding with a “sliding” pattern can become the main enemies of a light leather sofa. The paint will be gradually absorbed into the structure of the material, and if you work on it for a long time and often, color spots and stains will remain. Avoid fabrics of similar types and overly bright colors from coming into contact with the leather surface. However, going to extreme measures and covering the entire sofa with a blanket (as they liked to do before) is also not worth it — after all, you bought it for beauty, right?

5 When cleaning, do not use ordinary household products

The usual powders, gels and stain removers will definitely not help in caring for a leather sofa — rather, on the contrary. It is also impossible to use hard brushes, abrasive compounds when cleaning, rub hard and scrape the leather surface. When buying special products, pay attention to the type of leather — natural or eco. In general, this does not matter much, but it is cleaning products that are sometimes divided according to this principle.

6 If dirt gets in, try to clean it up immediately.

Due to the porous structure, the skin quickly absorbs any substances that fall on it. If you react immediately, then even ordinary water can help — carefully wipe the stain with a damp cloth. Alcohol wipes will help with dirt more. It is they, and not pure alcohol applied directly to the surface — it is just extremely undesirable.