one Open shelves instead of closed cabinets

The interior designers of the rooms of the 39 boutique hotel in Rostov-on-Don have completely abandoned the usual wardrobes and chests of drawers. Instead, guests will find an open and visually weightless storage system: dark metal bars with hangers and hooks, wooden shelves. The work area was smoothly integrated into the same storage system. The result is a modern and unobtrusive author’s design.

The only exception to this rule is a snow-white vintage chest of drawers converted into a sink stand in the bathroom.

2 Closed cabinets — «puzzle»

In the «Vertical» — a hotel in St. Petersburg — they went from the opposite: all storage is closed and hides the everyday component from the eyes. Wooden doors hide the kitchen, dining area, bathroom and walk-in closet. These closed blocks turn a two-level number into a kind of game puzzle that is interesting to look at and use. In addition to them, an unobtrusive crossbar with hooks runs through the entire room, on which you can store things that should be at hand.

3 Storage systems as decoration for the interior

One of the highlights of the Renaissance global hotel chain is the use of a storage system as a sophisticated decoration for interiors. To do this, designers use open shelves that are not leaned against the walls, but are attached to the ceiling and floor in the middle of the room and filled with decor and books.

Another way of decorating space with shelving used in this network is to use the lower part of a tall, ceiling-mounted storage rack, and the upper part as a backdrop for artwork.

four Niche storage

If such a large storage system does not fit into the space, niches are used by the Firmdale hotel chains in London and New York. Shelves are placed less often and you can see that books are also placed in them very tightly, without gaps. In combination with a neutral light interior, high ceilings and large windows, a stylish and unobtrusive accent is obtained, giving the room a personality. Special mention deserves the incredible beauty of the old azure chest of drawers without handles in one of the suites. It once again proves that the storage system should be not only capacious, but also interesting.

5 Wall hooks around the perimeter of the room and organizers instead of nightstands

In the rooms of The Jennings Hotel in Oregon, the storage system is not traditional: there are large round hooks along the wall, from which you can hang a chair, phone charger, watch and personal items. Unexpectedly, this solution turned out to be very successful for miniature and ascetic bedrooms. In some of them, hanging leather organizers are the main accent on the wall. It is in them that instead of the usual bedside tables you can remove the keys, phone and other little things.

6 Perforated board storage system

The designers at the Hobo Hotel in Stockholm organized the storage using perforated boards. You can hang anything on them: a shelf above the bed, a TV, a crossbar for outerwear, hooks for small things. Wooden light boards fill the interior and set a laconic and practical tone, close to northern interior trends.