There is an iron in almost every family. Of course, it is more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing to store it behind a closed cabinet door on a shelf. But this possibility is not always available. In our selection — different storage options: both closed and open.

one In a utility closet

At the system planning stage &...
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At the stage of planning storage systems in an apartment or house, it is worth considering a utility closet: for a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, possibly a mop and bucket, and, of course, an iron. Such a cabinet will greatly simplify household storage issues — after all, all the necessary equipment for cleaning and ironing will be in one place, hidden from view and properly organized.

The ideal cabinet with the right size sections will have to be custom-designed. But the usual one can be adapted to these needs if there is a high free section. In this case, the iron can be hung on a special holder, and not put on a shelf.

2 in the laundry room

The laundry (or laundry) room is becoming more and more popular in our realities. And not only in private houses, but also in city apartments. Designers allocate a corner in a long corridor for the location of washing equipment, re-equip the second bathrooms for this purpose.

This area is really convenient.
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Such a zone is really convenient, because there you can not only install a washing machine and dryer, but also store inventory — including an ironing board and iron.

3 On the door

An interior door, a door to the laundry room, or the door of the same utility closet? Any option is possible. This will save storage space.

By the way, the photo shows that the iron p ...
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By the way, the photo shows that the iron is attached to the door along with the ironing board. Indeed, most of the special holders are equipped with hooks, with which you can store the ironing board upright.

four On the wall

A simple and affordable storage option is on the wall. But not as aesthetic and organized as a place in a closed closet.

In theory, it could be any...
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In theory, this can be any empty section of the wall in the apartment, but it is better in an inconspicuous corner so as not to create unnecessary visual noise. The device can also be placed on the wall in the laundry room, if for some reason there is no shelf for this purpose or if you want to save space.

5 In the detergent drawer

If you are used to stocking up on cleaning products and you have a separate locker for this purpose, free up some space in it for the iron. It can be a locker in the same laundry room, pantry or kitchen.

Fans of a beautiful organization
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Fans of beautiful shelf organization can even provide a separate box for a household appliance. There is no great need to sign it, as they did in the photo. But in boxing, the cord will definitely not unwind and will not interfere with getting what you need from the shelves.

6 On the side of the cabinet

An idea that we found on the IKEA website is to store the iron and laundry detergent on the side wall of the cabinet … in the kitchen. At first glance, it seems not entirely rational and aesthetic, but it can be considered as an affordable storage option.

IKEA designers believe that this is ...

IKEA designers believe that it can be convenient if you have a washing machine installed in the kitchen. In theory, you can adapt any closet, not in the kitchen, but, for example, in the bedroom — it is unlikely that the iron will constantly catch your eye there. Or in the corner of a closet in the hallway.