one In the hall

One of the most popular places to install a docking station is the hallway. From here, the robot will begin cleaning the entire apartment, entering each room in order. But so that the vacuum cleaner in standby mode does not stand under your feet in the walk-through zone, it should be hidden. In addition, this way it will stand out less and attract attention. There are several options for placement. The first is under a hanging table with a mirror. In this area, it is the reflection in the mirror that usually attracts all attention, and what is below does not fall into the viewing angle. The second option is in the niche of the closet, where casual shoes are usually stored. See how the designers fit everything comfortably.

2 In the closet (closet)

Many owners use dressing rooms for more than just storing clothes. Sometimes they put ironing systems, and sometimes complex household appliances, turning the room into a mini-laundry room. Therefore, it is not surprising that the design of cabinets and sockets began to be thought out for connecting the docking station of the robot. Even if you get too close to the hangers, it will still be difficult to hurt him. Take a look at the examples.

This solution has a small downside. If vacuuming occurs automatically on a schedule, you will either have to constantly open the door for him, or keep it open all the time.

3 Under cabinet or shelving in living room

You can also hide the robot in the living room under the furniture. Of course, right under the TV cabinet, as in the first project in the photo, it will be clearly visible, especially to those who are sitting on the sofa. But if you turn off the light, you definitely won’t accidentally step on it.

And under the shelving next to the TV area, it definitely won’t attract attention, especially if you choose the color of the body to match the shelves, as the designer did in the project in the third photo. «Pancake», as many owners affectionately call it, visually merges with them.

four In the kitchen behind the dining area

The owners of this apartment put a docking station with a vacuum cleaner in the corner of the kitchen — just behind the dining area. Here it does not interfere with free walking and is located away from the cooking area. The white vacuum cleaner goes well with the overall concept of the Scandinavian style and does not look superfluous here. The legs of the chairs are located at a sufficient distance from each other, so the robot can safely pass between them and return to the base.

5 In the bedroom under the dressing table

Not quite an obvious place in the apartment where you can put a vacuum cleaner. In this bedroom, under the dressing table, it is almost invisible against the background of white walls and furniture. At first glance, it may seem that such an installation will interfere under your feet if you sit on a chair. But in fact, it shouldn’t: when women do their hair and makeup, they often sit at the table, leaning slightly forward. Legs in this position will definitely not rest against the station.

6 Do not hide the vacuum cleaner, but make it part of the composition

For example, as in this project. The body of the robot is painted in a noble black color, which is in perfect harmony with the facade of the front door, mirror fittings and dark rosettes. Together, these details look like neat graphic accents against concrete and terrazzo finishes. In addition, a black vacuum cleaner on such a light floor will definitely not go unnoticed — which means that no one will accidentally step on it.