What cleaning mistakes spoil your interior? Told in video

one Wipe mirrors with a lint-free cloth

If you wash mirrors and glossy surfaces with rags made of fleecy fabric, then after cleaning they will leave stains and villi. It is better to take a microfiber or cotton cloth — these are excellent helpers in cleaning almost any surface.


2 Using the wrong countertop cleaners

If you constantly clean your wood or chipboard kitchen worktop with abrasives or even ordinary soda (it’s also an abrasive!), tiny scratches will appear on it over time. A stone countertop may lose its luster during such cleaning. It is also impossible to wash wood and stone with harsh products that are not intended for these materials — for example, gels for ovens and stoves. Light or, conversely, black spots may appear on the surface. An untidy countertop will spoil the look of both the headset and the kitchen as a whole.


3 Frequently mop the wood floor with a wet mop

Wooden floors will not deteriorate if liquid is spilled on them once. But if you wash them daily with a mop for months, weakly wringing out the water, the surface will still suffer. It may swell, change color, or become more susceptible to scratches. The flooring in this state will definitely not decorate the interior. Therefore, replace daily wet cleaning with dry cleaning, for example, with a vacuum cleaner. And with a damp cloth, wipe the floors every couple of weeks, wringing it out thoroughly.


four Clean chrome surfaces with acid cleaners

Spoiling the appearance of the bathroom can be one unsuccessful cleaning — wiping faucets, showers and other chrome surfaces with an acid-based cleaner. Ugly spots quickly form on a shiny surface, which cannot be removed by anything. Choose specialized detergents — they will remove any dirt without harming the appearance of plumbing.


5 Use hard water when cleaning floor tiles

One of the offensive consequences of cleaning is stains and traces of dried water drops that remain after washing the floor tiles. Run your finger over such a stain: if a light fine powder remains on the skin, it means that the house has hard water. You can switch to cleaning with a steam mop — after it there will be no such traces, all the minerals will remain in a special container. Or just add a little vinegar to your bucket of water before mopping. So the tile will be smooth and shiny and continue to decorate the interior.


6 Clean textured upholstery with a dry brush

Many people make the mistake of trying to clean a dried stain on a velor sofa with a dry brush. At the same time, in place of velor, there can be any textured fabric that is used for upholstery of upholstered furniture. Dry rubbing will damage the pile, and the cleaned area will appear faded — and the sofa is the center of the living room. Wet the stain before cleaning with a mild soapy solution, let it soak. The powder cannot be used — it will clog into the fabric, and it will be difficult to wash it. Carefully remove dirt with a soft sponge or cotton cloth, moving along the pile. Leave to dry naturally or use a hair dryer — but not an iron!


7 Forget pet accessories

Many apartments have aquariums that are overgrown with algae and look sloppy. Even if the whole room is neat and tidy, this element will attract attention and create a feeling of slovenliness. Get in the habit of cleaning the walls of the aquarium on the same schedule that you dust and wash the windows in the room. To do this, you can use magnetic sponges so as not to get your hands into the water every time. This also applies to pet beds — buy a sticky clothes roller to keep the bedding looking tidy at all times. Do not forget to change the claws and toys in time when they become completely disheveled. Such sloppy things will also harm the impression of the interior.


Bonus: Don’t keep cleaning products and cleaning supplies in plain sight.

After the completion of the cleaning, performed according to all the rules, even the most stylish interior will lose its appeal due to the visual mess. Therefore, if possible, leave mops, dustpans, rags, buckets and detergents out of sight. For them, you can allocate space in the closet under the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Or put a laconic narrow wardrobe in the hallway, it will additionally include a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board.


Cover photo: ShutterStock