one Open rack «Ophus», 4 999 rubles

Ophus is a whole collection of items for easy storage. For example, this open cabinet is suitable for books, clothes, toys or appliances. You can complement the finished solution with various accessories or add sections. Existing shelves can be combined, raised higher or lowered. Holes for screws are already provided in the frame, so the surface will not deteriorate.

2 Rack with drawer «Ivar», 4 998 rubles

A simple natural pine wood shelving unit is complemented by a drawer on wheels. The bookcase can be placed in a living room, pantry or garage, and place everything you need on three spacious shelves. The drawer is great for storing small items or toys. Also, «Ivar» is ideal for storing vegetables and fruits, pickles or conservation in the pantry.

3 Section of shelves «Omar», 4 998 rubles

This shelving combination with a clean design is perfect for organizing your kitchen or bathroom space. Six shelves are definitely enough to accommodate everything you need. At the same time, storage will be compact: the rack is high, but takes up very little space — it can be placed in any free corner. Shelves are adjustable in height, they can be supplemented with accessories and increase the number of sections at your discretion.

four Rack «Boaxel», 4 680 rubles

Lightweight but roomy rack mounted on the wall. The interior looks minimalist and compact. Suitable for storage in the hallway. Sort hats, scarves, gloves, bags and sundries into boxes or put directly on shelves. And in the living room, with the help of Boaxel, you can store books and decor or arrange a mini-greenhouse of indoor plants.

5 Rack «Kallaks», 4 799 rubles

Universal classic from IKEA, which is suitable for storing everything in the world. Can be used as a cabinet if placed vertically or as a nightstand if placed on one side. The neutral palette is suitable for any interior style. You can beat open shelves in different ways: put baskets only on the lower tier, fill the cells in a checkerboard pattern, or install a box in each compartment of the rack.

6 Accessory set «Sunnersta», 1 106 rubles

A set of accessories that assembles into a convenient storage system for small items in the kitchen or bathroom. On a hanging shelf, you can place cooking utensils, dry dishes or arrange cosmetics. The surface of the table will remain free, and everything you need will be at hand.

7 Rack with three baskets «Omar», 4 699 rubles

A narrow rack will fit even in a small wall or gap between cabinets. Spacious baskets are suitable for storing food, towels or household chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom. All contents are clearly visible, so you can easily find the thing you need.