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one wall hooks

In most apartments, wall hooks can only be found in the hallway and in the bathroom. But they can be used throughout the apartment.

  • To streamline the storage of pot lids — sticking on the inside of the cabinet door with dishes.
  • Inside the wardrobe — hang bags, belts and jewelry.
  • On a container for cereals or flour — so that there is always somewhere to hang a measuring spoon.
  • On the wall of the kitchen — it is convenient to hang a colander and small pots.
  • On any surface that you don’t want to drill, you can hang a light shelf or container this way.
  • On the legs of furniture — so you can hide the wires.
  • On the edge of the garbage container: then it will be possible to hook the garbage bag so that it does not fall into the bucket.
  • You can store sunglasses or keys on the wall in the hallway on hooks.
  • On household appliances, to wind too long a wire.

2 fabric basket

Everyone knows that baskets are convenient to use in the bathroom, in the hallway and in the wardrobe for storing clothes and linen. But at the same time, it is easy to make a mistake and buy a beautiful wicker or rattan basket for these purposes. All knitted and delicate things will inevitably cling to it. Therefore, to store any textiles, always take fabric baskets.

Save hard wicker baskets for your living room, hallway, or workspace to store magazines or throw away unwanted correspondence and papers.

3 Zip storage bags

A very useful purchase that helps solve the problem of storing seasonal items, blankets, blankets, curtains and other textiles. You can, of course, use vacuum bags, but they are not suitable for delicate fabrics and wrinkle the fabric a lot. Therefore, everything that you do not want to wrinkle or damage can be put into such a bag and placed under the bed in the bedroom or at the bottom of a large closet in the hallway. Also, packages with a zipper outperform conventional packages, as they prevent the penetration of dust.

four Document organizers

Take a closer look at the different types of document organizers, they can be useful not only in the office.

  • Divided cardboard boxes can be used to store photos that you don’t want to organize into bulky albums.
  • Ordinary folders with files are suitable for storing receipts from important purchases or services.
  • Boxes with dividers can be used in the bathroom to store cosmetics or medicines.

5 Tray

The tray is useful not only in the kitchen, but also in the hallway, in the bedroom and in the living room. It makes it possible to organize the storage of small things that no one likes to put somewhere in a drawer, because they are constantly needed. When these little things lie on a beautiful bright tray, the feeling of disorder disappears.

You can also arrange pots with small plants on a tray. This will combine them into a single composition and will not damage the furniture if you spill water or fertilizer.

6 perforated board

A versatile storage item that can be used in any room of the house. You can choose any color and shape of the perforated board, change the hooks and holders on it, adapting it to your needs.

Ideas for using the pegboard

  • In the kitchen. You can hang dishes, lids, attach jars of spices, rolls of foil or kitchen towels.
  • In the hall. For storing keys, as a stand for storing bills, jewelry and accessories, hats.
  • Above the workplace. For storing office supplies, reminders and notes.
  • On the balcony. For tools, sports accessories.
  • In the bathroom. For storing cosmetics, toothbrushes.

7 Transparent containers

The identical stackable clear bins are great for tidying up the nursery, the kitchen, your workbench, your crafting space, your toolbox. That being said, it’s good if you can hide these containers so that their contents don’t create visual noise in the room.