one Arrange large plants near the wall with photo wallpaper

Modern stylish wallpaper with tropical or forest scenes can create an immersive effect in these pictures in almost any room. It can be further strengthened by placing large plants in front of such a wall. In the photo, they are like part of a foggy wall landscape, but meanwhile they are real, voluminous. The commonality of colors and themes makes the zone coherent and a little magical.

Instagram @thebrickhousejungle

2 Decorate the workplace with small flowers on the shelves

Although the peak of remote work is over, many employees still remain in their home offices. It is important to create a comfortable functional place for everyday work, but it is no less significant to give it soulfulness and harmony. Indoor flowers will help in this ideally. In the example in the photo, the owner placed small and medium-sized plants on several shelves above the desk, as well as on its surface. It turned out to decorate the zone in an up-to-date way and at the same time plant greenery in the workspace — it will be a little easier to breathe, more pleasant to work.

Instagram @ticoplantguy

3 Arrange a mini-greenhouse behind the sofa

It is a little more difficult to fit small plants into the interior: you need to make sure that they are not “lost”, thoughtfully arrange them together. But the owner of this cozy kitchen implemented a different idea. Behind the soft kitchen nook, a small niche formed, in which she arranged pots with identical plants (plus one more accent view). It looks neat, refreshes the dining area well, you don’t need to worry about the appearance of the containers — the main thing is that they are comfortable and fit in a recess. You can also implement a similar idea behind an ordinary sofa, if it stands against the wall. If it is massive, use larger flowers.

Instagram @thelifelately

four Create a frame composition

When there are a lot of pots, it can be difficult to arrange them beautifully in a room. A chaotic arrangement in the form of an imitation of a real jungle in style is not suitable for everyone. In this example, plants were used to create a framing composition: on a TV stand, on a stand on the side, and on a shelf above. Such symmetry, due to different planters and types of flowers, does not look too strict, but creates some orderliness.

Instagram @planticidad

5 Combine a large amount of greenery with a bright interior

Houseplants look especially attractive in bright spaces (and feel better). But it’s not just about the amount of natural light, but also about design solutions — light walls and bright colors. So, for example, the palette of the room in the photo is spring-summer, sunny, cheerful. The green color is represented by the plants themselves, pink — by furniture and textiles, the walls are light green, almost white, and juicy yellow and orange accents complete the picture. So if you have a large arsenal of indoor flowers, it may be worth supporting it with complementary bright shades — especially on the eve of spring and summer. Posters, curtains, decorative pillows or a new rug will suffice.

Instagram @vintageinteriorxx

6 Organize a symmetrical exhibition

If there are few flower pots, while everyone wants to highlight and emphasize them in the interior, arrange an exhibition composition, as in the photo. A standard rack of square sections was filled with plants that fit perfectly in them, and the lower level was taken over by straw baskets — a harmonious combination.

Instagram @ourpottedhome

7 Use hanging shelf

This design is a cross between ordinary wall shelves and hanging planters. Unlike the latter, a kind of «swing» can serve to accommodate both decor and flowers at the same time. In the example in the photo, there is only one pot of golden epipremnum. But this is bindweed, so the branches “spread” along both shelves and their fasteners — it turned out unusual and beautiful. By the way, it is easy to make such a multi-tiered suspension yourself: from wooden shelves with holes and a jute cord.

Instagram @thesmallnook