Some items are so securely camouflaged in the interior that we forget to move them while cleaning. Cleaning under the bed is a must, but it’s easy to forget about the small bedside table next door. The same applies to such trifles as a laundry basket or a carpet. But under these items, dirt accumulates in the same way as under the rest, and therefore it is simply necessary to move them from time to time during general cleaning.

The video lists all the items from our selection

one Sofa

Anything can accumulate behind the sofa — wool, dust, missing things. Therefore, moving the sofa and cleaning under it is not only a matter of cleanliness, but also a comfortable microclimate. Dust and germs from under the sofa can spread around the room, and in the deposits, unpleasant and dangerous microorganisms, such as dust mites, can start.

2 Carpet

It would seem that the carpet takes the brunt of itself, collects all the dirt and dust on the pile. But heavier particles, such as sand, crumbs or excess fine dust, settle on the floor under the carpet. Therefore, when you do wet cleaning, it is best to roll the carpet and wash the floor completely.

3 Washing machine

If the washing machine is built-in, then it is impossible to pull it out without dismantling the surrounding furniture. But if the equipment stands autonomously and can be moved at least by the length of the cord, you need to regularly clean under it. During the operation of the machine, dust may form, and some of the detergents may leak under it. In general, a mud film is often obtained on the floor, which is not easy to clean. It is better to remove such contaminants in a timely manner, without waiting for complete drying.

four Bedside tables

Despite the fact that this piece of furniture is very easy to move, it is often forgotten to do so. While the bedroom accumulates a huge amount of dust from linen and other textiles. Therefore, if you are doing wet cleaning, do not forget the space under the furniture, even if it is very small.

5 Dining table on a leg-underframe of complex shape

It seems that the space under the table on a single leg is easier to remove, but in reality this is not entirely true. Dirt also accumulates under such a support (as in the photo). Therefore, a table on one leg should be moved more often and cleaned out everything that has accumulated from below.

6 shoe rack

The corridor, in general, is one of the dirtiest places in the house, the reason for this is street dust on the soles of shoes. And since pairs of shoes, boots and sneakers are stored in a shoe cabinet or on a shelf, the cleanliness of these pieces of furniture and the space around it should be monitored especially closely. Washing shoes and the shelves themselves from the inside is not enough, it is important to carry out wet cleaning around and under the shoe cabinet.

7 Laundry basket

A small accessory in the bathroom is also often stationary if the washing machine is located nearby. Dust from linen accumulates under it, some small debris from clothes. When washing the floor, it is worth moving the basket away to clean not only around it, but also to wash the object itself — after all, all the dirt from the clothes settles on it. It is not hygienic to use an unwashed laundry basket for a long time.