one On the shelf

If your kitchen or balcony does not have a wide window sill and other free surfaces for pots, you can use a wooden stand made according to the principle of a stepladder or a ladder. This method has several advantages.

  • Several large pots due to vertical placement will take up very little space.
  • This design is light and mobile, it can be moved or moved at any time.
  • All plants will get the same amount of sunlight and space to grow, they will not block each other.
  • On one of the steps you can store garden tools.

2 In a mini greenhouse

A miniature greenhouse will help you grow even the most capricious seeds faster. It will also make a neat and organized composition out of a home garden. You can place it on the windowsill or on the countertop of the kitchen set and not be afraid that you will often have to wipe the surface from the soil that has fallen out of the pot.

Also, this greenhouse should be used by those who grow a garden on an open balcony — with it you can not be afraid that drafts and slight cold snaps will ruin the crop.

3 In growbox

An interesting device for enthusiastic gardeners who want to get a big harvest of organic products at home. The vegetable box takes up a lot of space, but you can install a phytolamp in it and achieve ideal conditions for the rapid growth of various herbs and vegetables, such as tomatoes or cucumbers. At the same time, it looks quite minimalistic, and in the transparent windows you can see your entire garden.

There are also models in a hard case that are built into the kitchen set and look very impressive due to the backlight.

four In hanging flasks

Herbs and sprouts do not need to be in a regular pot. You can use glass flasks, and to make it look interesting, hang them in a special wooden frame. This design is easy to do with your own hands, and it looks very unusual. At the same time, the frame takes up little space, and you can place it even on a narrow windowsill.

5 On a wooden stand

Often a home garden looks untidy due to the fact that all the pots are scattered, and saucers or plastic pallets are used as coasters. To make the green corner look more aesthetically pleasing, choose a wooden stand for pots with seedlings. Let it match in color with other wooden elements in the room or kitchen.

6 In metal pallets

For an interior in the style of hi-so, metal pallets and planters for greenery are more suitable. They look very neat and minimalist, do not take up much space. These are perfect for growing seasonal microgreens. After you have harvested the entire crop, it is easy to wash such a pallet and plant new plants in it.

7 On rails

A good way for those who have little space at home. Roof rails can be placed on any free wall, not necessarily in the kitchen. A balcony will do too. It is convenient to hang a sufficiently large number of seedlings on them, and store the necessary equipment here.