An inexpensive pharmaceutical preparation is useful not only for medical purposes, but also for use in everyday life: for example, to disinfect surfaces or wash equipment. And due to the fact that chlorhexidine is odorless, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers. In this article we will tell you how you can use it in cleaning.

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one Wipe surfaces

If you want to carry out antiseptic cleaning, chlorhexidine solution will replace expensive chemicals. Choose the concentration depending on how strong the disinfectant effect you want to get. You can not dilute the product with water, but moisten a cotton pad and wipe the surface with pure chlorhexidine.


2 Clean the floor

To make wet cleaning even more effective, add a little pharmacy product to a bucket of water. It is good to clean and disinfect the floor with such a solution — especially during the cold season, in order to protect yourself and your household. Also, cleaning with chlorhexidine is suitable for a child’s baby, where cleanliness and the absence of harmful microorganisms are especially important.


3 clean air conditioner

During cleaning, the air conditioner is often left without attention, but you should not neglect its cleaning. A huge amount of dust and dirt from the air accumulates on the filter and the internal parts of the device. If you do not clean on time and according to the rules, a fungus can start inside the equipment. The next time you turn it on, it will go into the air, and from there into your lungs. You can qualitatively and reliably wash the parts of the air conditioner with chlorhexidine: it will disinfect all surfaces, and together with dust you will remove harmful microorganisms. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the safety of fragile mechanisms — the solution will not damage them.


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four Disinfect cosmetic accessories

Put a vial of chlorhexidine in the bathroom and use it every time you finish your skincare routine. The solution can wipe all the components of cosmetic gadgets and surfaces that have come into contact with the skin, wash makeup brushes, mesoscooters and other beauty accessories. It is important to carry out such treatment every time so that harmful bacteria do not start on objects that come into contact with the face and do not provoke inflammation on the skin.


5 Clean screens on gadgets

Another cause of skin irritation can be a dirty smartphone screen. It, like other appliances in the house (for example, tablets or laptops), must be regularly wiped and disinfected. A lot of bacteria accumulate on all these items from constant contact with hands. But not every product is suitable for cleaning equipment, as it can leave plaque and streaks on the screen or other parts of the gadget. Chlorhexidine in this case is irreplaceable. For the best effect, use it in its pure form, without diluting with water.


6 rinse dishes

You can achieve maximum cleanliness of cutlery and dishes by rinsing them after washing with a weak solution of chlorhexidine. Watch the concentration of the product: it is bitter, and if you overdo it, the plume remaining on the dishes can ruin the taste of food. Such disinfection is also useful if someone in the household is sick or is in quarantine.


7 Clean leather items

A light solution of chlorhexidine will help scrub stains from leather furniture or accessories. It does not leave streaks on the surface and is great for cleaning any capricious surfaces (including leather) that show very visible streaks after cleaning.