one Open shelves for books in two walls

The owner of this apartment designed by designer Anna Svyatoslavskaya is the owner of a large library of fiction and scientific literature, and he wanted his collection to become the property of the interior. To do this, two racks were designed in the office, which closed both walls. The first is floor-standing, it is made of wide and narrow sections that alternate with each other. The second consists of floating shelves.

2 Trolley on wheels under the sink

This small loft-style apartment designed by Ekaterina Malmygina is full of interesting ideas for storage, most of which are budget-friendly (since only 800,000 rubles were allocated for repairs and interior design). One of these is the replacement of the bathroom cabinet with a regular Roskog trolley from IKEA. The volume of the cart was enough to accommodate the belongings of one young man, so the functionality was not affected. But the blue trolley has also become a good addition to the loft style, as well as an accent in this already bright bathroom.

3 Old industrial cabinet in the hallway

Designer Oksana Araslanova created the interior of this apartment in the building of a former factory in the loft style, but together with the customer they approached the issue with irony and tried to use many budget solutions. So, for example, the storage system in the hallway was replaced with an old industrial cabinet, which was painted yellow. Against the background of red brick, it looks original and fits very well into the aesthetics of a real loft.

Design: Oksana Araslanova. Photo: Vladimir Chernyadiev

four Exhaust box from drywall

The next example in our selection is also from an industrial-style apartment with elements from other areas. This uniformity can be explained by the fact that the loft is a style that opens up scope for a lot of experiments and allows you to implement bold decisions. So, in this apartment, designed by designers Ilona and Andrey Orekhovsky, a lot of furniture was made to order, and specifically, the left cabinet in the kitchen set. This is nothing more than a regular drywall box that has been coated with a matte black compound.

5 Wardrobe along the entire wall with mirrored facades

And yet, not a single loft. In this apartment, designed by designer Alisa Svistunova, several styles are mixed at once — here are both French motifs and oriental details. But in the context of our article, the storage system in the bedroom, which was made along the entire wall from the side of the entrance to the room, is of interest. Even the space above the door was not left unused. Mirror facades allow you to slightly hide a rather massive structure.

Design: Alisa Svistunova. Photo: Mikhail Chekalov

6 Shelving with a TV for books, encircling an uncomfortable corner

Inconvenient protrusions in the layout need to be somehow beaten, and designers Ilona and Andrey Orekhovsky find interesting solutions. For example, like this rack, which encircles the entire corner. On the one hand, the shelves are used to store books, on the other, a TV is installed, and the shelves can also be used for decoration.

7 Storage system under the windowsill

Another idea from the project of Ekaterina Malmygina is a small-sized and budget loft. This time it is embodied in the kitchen — the shelving under the windowsill is equipped as an additional storage system and is made to order. Sliding doors allow you to easily open them without moving the furniture. A very thoughtful move that can be adopted by the owners of small kitchens.