The pantry in the apartment is, first of all, convenient. There you can organize the storage of food stocks, small household appliances. As a rule, speaking of a pantry, we represent a separate small room. But it can also be cabinet furniture — for example, a wardrobe in the kitchen. We offer you to look at different pantries, which are decorated just perfectly — perfectionists should like it.

one White storage room

White walls, white shelves, white baskets, and even most of the containers with white lids, this pantry was designed by clear white lovers. Due to this, it looks clean, bright and spacious, even in artificial light.

In addition to food stocks, th...
Instagram @ashleejayinteriors

In addition to food stocks, papers are also stored here. You can also replace a plastic calendar plate on the wall — an idea for those who like to plan and control everything. On such a plate, for example, you can keep track of stocks and plan future purchases.

2 A narrow pantry that seems to fit everything

Such a room would be nice to attach to the kitchen. Not everyone can afford this in a city apartment, but if you are designing a country house, take a closer look at this idea.

Groceries are also stored here...
Instagram @thecozyfarmhouse

Here they store food stocks, and dishes, and appliances (for example, a microwave). There is also a small fridge for drinks. And, since there are shelves even under the ceiling, a step-ladder is thought out to get what you need without inconvenience.

3 Storage corner behind sliding door

A pantry in a private house is an almost mandatory attribute of planning.

Here the pantry did not take quite...

Here the pantry occupied an angle that was not quite convenient in terms of proportions. But how beautifully and competently designed shelves! They repeat the shape of the room, and the volume of storage increases from top to bottom: that is, at the bottom there are voluminous baskets with (presumably) something heavy, at the top — jars with cereals and products. The same container and baskets make this pantry visually very organized and stylish.

four Pantry with a pencil case for small household appliances

This pantry has perfect storage cabinets. One part is something like a corner suite with open shelves and a countertop. And the other is an open pencil case with compartments for storing small household appliances: a multicooker, a food processor and other items that are not used daily and will take up extra space on the kitchen worktop.

On the wall thought out storage ho&...
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Storage of household equipment is thought out on the wall: you can replace a stepladder hanging on a hook. Thus, it takes up minimal space.

5 Pantry-cupboard in the kitchen

When designing a kitchen
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When designing a kitchen set, it is worth planning everything to the smallest detail. And if you’re used to stocking large amounts of food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, make room for it. Ideal — a vertical cabinet with shelves so that everything is in one place and at hand. For example, like in this example.

6 Very small closet

In fact, it is also something like ...
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In fact, this is also something like a closet, but not a cabinet one, but a built-in one. Thus, you can arrange an uncomfortable niche — hang shelves, close the door. You can’t “enter” such a pantry, this is not a room. But the organization is delightful: everything is on the shelves, signed, the containers are neatly stacked on top of each other, because they are matched in size.

7 Pantry-rack

This example proves that imp...
Instagram @cristophera821

This example proves that an impromptu pantry can be arranged anywhere, even just in an empty corner of the kitchen, hallway or corridor. Here, a self-made shelving was designed, recessed into the wall, and the storage was arranged on open shelves using identical baskets. It will not be difficult to find the right one — they are marked.