one In the kitchen

If space permits, you can allocate one of the kitchen cabinets for household equipment and cleaning products. It is better to place it closer to the entrance, so that it is more convenient to get what you need without interfering with the one who cooks.

Make sure that household chemicals are not stored near groceries. Even when closed, containers can evaporate toxic substances that will accumulate in food. There should be a decent distance between the storage of food and chemicals.

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2 On the balcony

The space on the balcony is usually used for storage, you can also use it for a utility closet and put cleaning supplies and other important things there.

A small area on the balcony is just right for compact household appliances and household chemicals. In addition, the balcony is usually located next to the living room or kitchen, which means that almost all the main places for cleaning will be easily accessible.

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3 in the laundry room

Another utility room that is ideal for storing items for cleaning is the laundry room. Cleaning supplies are already stored in this room, so organizing a place for a special closet there will not be difficult.

If there is not enough space for a full-fledged closed cabinet, make an open storage system from several shelves and wall mounts. You will arrange household chemicals and rags on the shelves, and fix a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a dustpan and a broom on the wall. You can use convenient transformer modules, with their help it will be possible to make the most of the empty area of ​​​​the laundry room for storage.

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four In the pantry

A very small space is suitable for this, where a couple of buckets, a vacuum cleaner and a mop will fit. All other gadgets and household chemicals can be placed on the shelves above. Use the surface of the door as well, you can fix a shelf or several hooks on it and hang some cleaning accessories.

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5 In the hall

In the hallway, you can put a separate closet for household needs or combine it with the main storage system. Placing cleaning items near the entrance is convenient. The dirty area in the hallway requires much more frequent cleaning than the living room or bedroom. It’s great if everything you need for this is at hand, because it’s much easier to quickly walk the vacuum cleaner from the next closet than to drag it from the other side of the room. So dirt in your house will be less, and cleaning will be faster. If there is not much space, use narrow niches, as in the example below. There is a narrow locker here, but everything you need fits well.

Design: Svetlana Kuksova. Photo: Natalia Mavrenkova

6 In the bathroom

A compact utility cabinet can be placed even in the smallest bathroom. Equip a small niche for a mop or vacuum cleaner, and on the side make shelves for storing towels and household chemicals.

It would be ideal to place the utility closet next to the column of the washer and dryer, as in this example.

Design: Vasilisa Maximami. Photo: Tatyana Nikitina

7 In the bedroom

Not the most obvious, but possible place to place a utility closet is a bedroom. If there is some space in it, arrange storage there. The bedroom usually has few functional areas, and therefore the space allows you to fit another small closet into the interior. As they did in this example: a narrow cabinet can accommodate an ironing board, there are shelves where you can put, for example, an iron or other little things.

Design: Anna Maltseva. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin