If you’re worried about the impression your home has on guests and family members alike, then check out a few places that give away the mess. A mess for many means a lack of comfort.

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one Bathroom

Tiles, plumbing and a mirror in the bathroom — all these items will instantly betray your habits. If cleaning is carried out with a regular frequency, before the arrival of guests, you only have to run a damp cloth over the surfaces and brush off the dust. But if you haven’t cleaned for a long time and limescale has accumulated on the surfaces, you’ll have to try.


Sometimes it is not possible to completely clean the plaque at one time. That is why regularity in this matter is very important.

2 Hallway

If you entered a perfectly clean apartment, and at the entrance you were met by clothes and shoes casually lying all over the hallway, it is immediately clear that order in this house is an infrequent guest. The house begins with the hallway, so the order here needs to be monitored especially carefully — after all, guests get the first impression of you and your house right at the door.

3 Kitchen

This room is a storehouse of possible «hot spots» for cleaning. You can mop the floor and wipe down the stove, but it still doesn’t feel clean. For example, dirty textiles, and especially potholders and towels, which get dirty in the kitchen at a cosmic speed, will give out all your cleanliness at the first glance at them. Get a box of interchangeable textiles and renew towels more often. As for cleaning the kitchen in general: to keep order around the clock, make it a habit to clean up after yourself after every meal and meal preparation. One-time cleaning takes a couple of minutes, and you do not have to spend half a day washing the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee.


four Toilet

Spots on the inner surface of the toilet bowl form very quickly, and if they are not cleaned off in time, white ceramics will be covered with a thick layer of hard-to-remove plaque. A clean toilet is one of the main markers of a tidy home, and to make it easier to clean, do light cleaning more often. For example, a couple of times a week you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth and treat with a brush.

5 Storage locations

If the entrance to the dressing room or pantry can be closed to guests, then on the open shelves in the living room or in the kitchen it is immediately noticeable how successfully the storage in the apartment is organized. Open spaces should not resemble a warehouse. Open shelving should be organized, all things arranged with a certain idea, and not just take up space on the shelf.

6 Skirting boards

A clean baseboard is a clear indicator that scrupulous people who keep order live in the house. Even for those who often clean the apartment, the skirting boards are covered with dust — they are simply forgotten about.

7 window sills

“You can’t see it behind the curtains,” some people think, and they arrange a real dump on the windowsills of things that could not be found in the apartment, for example, notebooks, books, glasses and mugs that they put in and forgot to put away. Try to keep the window sills clean.