Thirty minutes will be enough for you to put things in order in certain areas in the apartment. This can be done after work or in the morning.

Listed tips in a short video

one Hallway

To clean the entrance area, you will need to prepare a few things. The first is a cardboard box. Put in it all the items that should not be in the hallway. For example, seasonal hats — it’s probably time to clean them and put them in the closet for winter clothes.

The second thing is a trash bag. It will go paper advertising and various little things that accumulate in this area.

After a short decluttering, all that remains is to carefully arrange the shoes, spread out the keys and other small items. This half hour can also be used to make a list of storage accessories that could make cleaning easier and faster in the future.

2 Countertop in the kitchen

In half an hour, you can put things in order on the kitchen worktop and make cooking faster and more comfortable. At the beginning, transfer everything that is now on the countertop to the dining table. Then spray it, the stove and the backsplash with the cleaner and leave it to dissolve the grease and dirt.

While the cleaner is working, sort out the items on the dining table. It may be better to transfer some of them to cabinets, and pour the products from store packaging into containers.

It remains only to remove the detergent from the countertop, stove and apron with a damp microfiber cloth, wipe the surface dry with a napkin and place all the items back.


3 Coffee table

Sort what you currently have on your coffee table. Get rid of crumpled magazines and what happened to be here by accident (for example, a cup forgotten in the evening). Wipe the surface and update the decorative composition. At the same time, you can vacuum the carpet on which the table stands.


four Sink in the bathroom

The bathroom sink area needs frequent cleaning, but it always takes less than half an hour. The principle is the same as with all surfaces on which a large number of small items are stored. Put all the little things in a box or on the washing machine. Apply the cleaner to the mirror, sink, and the wall around it.

While it is working, clean all small objects from streaks, disinfect toothbrushes and makeup brushes. Throw old hand towels in a laundry bag and hang up new ones. Rinse off the detergent and put everything back in its place. Perhaps some things should be put away in the drawers of the cabinet under the sink.


5 Freezer

The hands rarely reach the freezer in the kitchen. But it doesn’t take long to clean it up. Pull out all the products and get rid of expired and questionable ones. Make sure all others are stored in labeled sealed packages. Remove excess frost, if any, and check the temperature — it should be set to about -17 ° C.


If the frost still forms, and the refrigerator is equipped with the nofrost function, invite the master, as the condenser may have broken.

6 Window

Window cleaning is an important part of spring cleaning, which many put off until later due to the length of the process. You can save time and effort and get an automated window cleaner. You only need to fix it on the window, then remove it, wash it and transfer it to the next window.

Another way is to generously spray the cleaner on each window in turn and leave for 10 minutes. Then it remains only to quickly wash off the product using a rubberized car scraper that does not leave streaks.


7 Corner with plants

For express cleaning among your plants, half an hour is also enough. Immediately prepare a soft, damp cloth to remove dust from the leaves. As well as a pruner for trimming dry branches and leaves and a garbage bag for collecting them. After these simple steps, all that remains is to collect the pallets and wash them in the kitchen from salt deposits.